Convertr vs Integrate

Considering a switch? When it comes to lead management platforms, you have your choice amongst a few players. But when it comes to value beyond content syndication leads? That’s where Convertr shines.

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Convertr vs Integrate

Robust SLA for Support and Services

We strive to ensure that every customer gets maximum value out of the Convertr platform. You’ll always be able to get a hold of us and know that you have a dedicated team looking after your marketing campaigns. Some things clients love about Convertr’s Support and Service:

Global, 24/5 support

We know that enterprise brands rely on Convertr to be the backbone of their marketing operations. We aim to support your users no matter the timezone.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

You’ll have your own champion within Convertr, who represents your voice across the organisation. Your CSM is assigned to your business and is there to deliver value in line with your defined business outcomes. Our CSMs have expert knowledge of Convertr products, and deep knowledge of best practices that work. Working closely with you, your CSM will develop an action plan designed to deliver value, and lead any efforts to resolve complex issues.

World class TAMs

If you run into a technical roadblock, our Technical Account Managers are here to help. Whether you need some regex help or configuring a tricky integration, the TAMs have seen it all.

Transparent Pricing

If you want more dedicated support, you’ll always know how many hours you have used and what is left. You’ll never be caught off guard.

Ease of Migration and Implementation

We’ve heard how scary it is when thinking about a platform change. Not only do you have to retrain the team but there is the fear of having to set everything up from scratch. Have no fear - we have seen this before and have developed a clear onboarding and implementation plan for you, that is straightforward and has no downtime with your active campaigns.

  • Pre-migration assessment: We start with understanding your current workflow, the rules and logic you use to configure campaigns today, and an audit of your existing campaigns and integrations.
  • Migration Plan: While many enterprise brands face similar challenges, no two brands are the same. We’ll build a custom migration plan for you that addresses your specific set up, a defined migration strategy to ensure a seamless transition, integration mappings and testing, and a comprehensive training plan to ensure your team can hit the ground running on day 1.
  • Implementation Phase: Our team will set up your platform specific to your needs, including having all your active and new campaigns pre-built ahead of the date you need to make the switch from Integrate. On top of training your team, we’ll also ensure that your publishers are certified so that you ensure you are getting clean data into your business.
  • Success Phase: Our Success, Support and Professional Services teams will continue to work with you and your partners to implement continuous improvements and enhancements to maximise the value derived from the new platform.
Convertr End to End

Trust and Transparency

You’ll never have to worry about your data security.

Trusted by security conscious enterprises like AWS, Oracle, and HP, your data is your data. Our business is ensuring we build the best lead ingestion and management platform in the business, not a blind marketplace where you can buy leads from suppliers you don’t know.

You’ll always have access to your platform instance and can grant access to your agency counterparts as well, which will allow you to keep an eye on the campaigns while the agency executes the buys.

See why clients choose Convertr

The customer service is second to none, always eager to incorporate our feedback, designing features that assist in delivering ongoing value to our clients.

DJ Kolapudi
Analytics Director, Merkle Inc.

When we learned about everything Convertr could do, we saw that the industry was moving away from spreadsheets and this was the future.

Paul Franklin
B2B/B2C Group Publisher, Dennis Publishing

We came to Convertr to improve our lead quality. A great support team, an easy to use platform — we couldn’t ask for a better partnership!

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director, Arizent

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Publisher and Supplier Certification

We’ve built the only certification program for the Convertr ecosystem. Our customers have new expectations, moving from lead volumes to lead quality, so that’s why we’ve built The Convertr Publisher and Supplier Certification program. We’re taking a proactive approach to security and compliance, without compromising speed and quality of leads.

Old world:

  • Users sharing passwords
  • Untrained users with access to your platform
  • Your teams spending hours creating training material and training users across the world
  • Users don’t understand your campaign rules and upload poor quality leads (over and over!)
  • Your team has to respond to a high number of support enquiries
Convertr Publisher Certification

New world

Speed to Market and Lead Flow

We know how critical it is to get into market on time. We can reduce your team needing to build 1,000 campaigns a quarter down to just a handful.

You’ll save hundreds of hours of work and get into market faster. If you need a hand setting up the campaigns, our TAMs are here to help and generally can build the campaigns in less than 48 hours.

Convertr Platform

Unlock the Ultimate Data Optimization Guide: Convertr vs. Integrate

Discover why Convertr stands out in data optimization. Download our comprehensive guide to see a detailed comparison against Integrate and understand how our platform can revolutionize your data management.

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