True Campaign Management

Simplify campaign setup, improve management and monitoring, and easily optimize for performance.

More Flexibility. More Control.

Whether you’re managing a network of publishers or delivering to multiple advertisers, you need a campaign management tool that can strengthen everything from initial campaign requirements through final analysis. Beyond Convertr's powerful processor that ensures leads are QA'd, the platform improves transparency for billing and fulfillment.

We make it simple to set up campaigns, share requirements with partners, track progress to lead quotas, and implement a standardized process for capturing and delivering leads.

Simplify Your Campaign Management:

  • Track insertion orders
  • Set variable CPL rates by publisher and/or country
  • Manage lead limits
  • Share lead requirements and creative assets
  • Automate lead QA and processing for multiple languages
  • Schedule delivery
  • Analyze performance by campaign, publisher or channel

Campaign Band Management

Scalable Processes and a Single Source of Truth for Performance

A Cloud Technology Brand Standardized Data Processes Across 37 Publishers and Growing

Publisher leads were needing to be manually reviewed, edited, and imported, delaying engagement. Today, automated processing ensures high lead quality, streamlines their lead flow, and provides clear publisher performance metrics.

An Award-Winning Agency Validated and Delivered 447,000+ Leads from Over 100 Publisher

With offices worldwide supporting global clients, the agency needed a campaign management tool that could help manage contracts, set lead caps and variable rates, monitor lead pacing, and more. Convertr handled this with ease.

A Fast-Growing Publisher Scaled Lead Volume and Dropped Lead Rejection to Less Than 0.1%

The publisher can now quickly launch campaigns custom to their advertiser requirements and save over 26 hours per week in lead processing while improving the quality of leads delivered to their customers.

Enjoy Compliance Peace of Mind

Convertr arms your teams with processes that follow the industry’s best practices to track consent, restrict data access, adhere to global regulations, and more.

Explore Data Privacy

Remove Manual Data Processing

Automated processing ensures leads fit your campaign requirements to provide a real-time view of lead acceptance and progress towards your lead goals.

Explore Data QA

One Centralized Platform to Monitor Performance

Easily compare statistics and optimize performance in one objective, transparent analytics system.

Explore Reporting & Insights

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