Scalable Lead Management for Publishers

Create a competitive advantage with your lead quality and develop scalable processes that amplify growth.

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Optimize Operations. Outperform Competitors. Improve Client Satisfaction.

As advertisers become more selective and demanding, you need a lead management solution that delivers leads your customers will value without overwhelming your team with manual data processing tasks. The Convertr platform provides the tools you need to build profitable, scalable lead generation division to sit alongside your media business.

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Lead Quality and Value that Stands Apart

Convertr makes it easy to process leads to your client requirements, ensuring your leads meet both the audience and formatting requirements of each customer. And by cutting manual data processing, you remove human error and fast-track delivery of validated leads before they go cold.

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Scalable, Manageable Data Operations

As your lead generation business grows, manual data processing tasks can quickly go from a few hours a week to full-time jobs. And, if data is managed in spreadsheets, it can be nearly impossible to gauge how the business is doing and implement consistent processes across the organization.

With the Convertr platform, you have one centralized system to manage all campaigns and lead data. Your teams will gain hours back to refocus on sales and service, and you’ll have the processes and performance data you need to profitably scale the business.

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A Clear View of Your Business Health

When you move from multiple lead spreadsheets to one unified platform, you gain a global view of your business performance. With Convertr, you can easily track how you're pacing towards goals and see if you’re on track or underperforming as an organization, by advertiser, and by campaign. Convertr also reduces post-month rejections so no money is left on the table.

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Scaled Lead Volume And Dropped Lead Rejection To Less Than 0.1%

Incisive Media

Processed over 75,000 Lead for Real-Time QA and Delivery of Validated Leads

A Global Media Company

Saves 8 Hours per Week with Automated Lead Processing

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