Simplifying Lead Management for Agencies

Reduce complexity and risk associated with customer data.

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One Powerful Platform to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Internal Operations

Your customers expect the best, and Convertr can help you deliver on that promise. Launch campaigns faster and once leads start flowing, the Convertr platform will deliver validated leads in minutes. Plus, by managing campaigns in one platform, you can be confident that customer data is secure and gain a clear view of how the business is performing.

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Data Operations that Support Growth

Manual data tasks can hold your agency back, lowering profitability and slowing growth. If your team is spending hours managing publishers, processing lead data, or pulling reporting, that’s valuable time they’re not focused on improving campaign performance and strengthening client relationships.

The Convertr platform automates data tasks and gives time back to your team. And insightful performance data leads to better results and more strategic client conversations.

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Performance and Service that Stands Apart

Move the conversation beyond lead generation, and provide simple solutions that impact more metrics that matter. Automated lead QA and formatting ensures the leads you deliver fit your client’s requirements and keep bad data out of their tech stack. Real-time routing and secure CRM integrations accelerate lead flow so they arrive while opportunities are still hot and reduce your client’s workload.

With the Convertr platform, your clients will not only see strong campaign performance, they'll also make a positive impact on company lead flow and data quality.

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Confidence in Data Compliance

Minimize risk to your agency, and have data processes in place that put client compliance teams at ease. Whether you’re looking for best practices that restrict access to keep data secure or GDPR features like data masking or subject access requests, we have you covered. The Convertr platform was built with compliance in mind and we take a proactive approach to help your team can work compliantly.

Convertr Compliance

Worldwide Media Communications Agency

Grew B2C Paid Social Leads 300%

With Convertr’s Facebook connected app, the agency pivoted from underperforming web pages to native lead gen forms and retargeting campaigns. This move led to higher lead volume and provided the client with real-time visibility into leads generated without granting access to Facebook’s Campaign Manager.

Global Media & Marketing Agency for Tech Companies

Standardized Processes for 100+ B2B Publishers

With campaigns capturing leads from over 140 countries and 100 publishers, the agency needed a better way to manage incoming client data. Today, publishers upload leads directly into Convertr and the agency can immediately monitor lead quality and progress toward lead goals to deliver the best results for their clients.

Global B2B Marketing Agency

Saves 80 Hours for Every 1000 Leads Processed

As their demand generation business grew, so did the time required to manage and validate lead data for their clients. To support continued growth, the agency moved its data processing to Convertr and freed up valuable time for relationship building and campaign optimization.

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