Lead generation: shining a light on the supply chain

By Convertr - January 25, 2023

Our customers want to know about the products or services they are purchasing, where they are coming from and how much it will cost them – and the same is true for their wider lead generation suppliers.

For brands and agencies looking to optimise budgets, transparency into where data originates, which channels or suppliers are driving sales, and the ability to meet new KPIs is critical. And in times of inflationary pressure and market instability, this rings especially true.

A lack of visibility into the above has a knock-on effect on the entire supply chain. It inhibits marketers from spending more on digital, which makes it difficult for suppliers to retain their share of lead quotas as well as customers.

For businesses across the supply chain, the current economic climate means that they are now required to do more with less. This is why it is more important than ever before that brands can understand where money is being spent, which campaigns or channels are performing best, and where they should look to cut budget.

And for suppliers, they need a platform that gives them the ability to maintain lead volumes and retain customers. If suppliers can demonstrate their value, they are more likely to retain accounts and generate more revenue opportunities.

In this blog, we’ll explore how Convertr helps to deliver efficiency and ROI for businesses across the ecosystem, and why maintaining supply chain visibility is an essential part of this.

The importance of transparency

Transparency is essential for brands, as it allows them to see where their leads are generated from, whether their suppliers are proficient users of the platform and provides bespoke ID on all lead records which allows for detailed tracking throughout the lead journey. Convertr enables transparency by clearly attributing leads from different suppliers. Their individual lead IDs ensure that all leads are attributed to a particular supplier or publisher so you can see exactly where they came from.

For brands working with multiple lead suppliers, transparency into where data is sourced and knowing how to optimise your return on marketing investment is essential. Brands are no longer just looking for qualified leads, they need to understand which suppliers are driving results and sales. Convertr offers visibility into this, enabling brands to make the most of their marketing budget and attribute lead source all the way through to sale.

Qualified leads to conversions

Delivering high quality leads is one of the industry’s biggest challenges – and poor quality data can impact the entire supply chain. For brands, it can impact the number of conversions, and for agencies and publishers, it can lead to wasted resources, which in turn, can mean a loss in revenue. At the point of a brand receiving leads, Convertr ensures the highest quality of leads possible, with an average validation rate of 96%+. This is governed by the wider ecosystem which controls suppliers through accreditation, and the stringent validation mechanisms inherent in the system.

Whilst it is important for brands to generate qualified leads, this is not where it ends, particularly given the current economic climate, in which marketers are under pressure to deliver the same or more than they did last year.

This means that as well as technology that can automate manual processes and drive operational efficiency, brands also need clear visibility into which channels and campaigns are delivering the correct outputs. And with 31% of marketers stating that proving ROI was one of their biggest challenges, it’s even more crucial that quality leads can yield better conversions.

Prioritising the ROI

There are a number of considerations for marketers when it comes to selecting the right lead generation provider. Understanding where leads are being generated from, the quality of the data and billing agreements are all important considerations, but ultimately, businesses need reassurance that their marketing activity is generating long-term ROI.

And this can be difficult without a system in place that can enable clear visibility across the supply chain. Utilising Convertr, brands can govern their supplier network, make more informed decisions that will impact the bottom line and gain a comprehensive understanding of expenditure. For suppliers, it is equally as important because as brands look to cut back, they must be able to demonstrate their value and continue retaining customers as well as the volume of leads.

Becoming part of the Convertr Ecosystem

Joining the Convertr Ecosystem allows all businesses within it to increase the control, quality and collaboration of lead generation. The ecosystem plays a pivotal role in providing brands, agencies and publishers with the transparency needed to allow them to do more with less.

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Looking for complete control over your data? Whether you are on the buy-side or supply-side, Convertr empowers businesses across the supply chain to become part of our ecosystem and experience better lead flow, improved data quality, greater visibility into campaign performance and generate higher ROI.

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