What Data Enrichment means for B2B Marketers: Better Leads, Content & Sales

By Convertr - September 5, 2017

Enriched Data is helping B2B Marketers thrive: so how can data itself drive better content, more leads, and more sales?

There is a crucially overlooked issue in our approach to data: we fix it. We pin it down in time and package powerful commercial insights into a digestible form. However, the reality of lead data is never still; customer and prospect data changes every day as careers progress, companies transform and accounts migrate.

Have we been ignoring the reality of data?

If you look at the surface of most marketing databases, and the visual representations we all see day in day out, you could be forgiven for thinking of them as static. The icons and dashboards of complex IT hardware hardly paint the liveliest picture of the powerful data processes beneath.

The issue with this is that it can give marketers a tendency to think of databases in terms of the technology that supports them, instead of thinking about where the real value lies: the data itself.

And technical icons are a poor metaphor for the marketing database. A database should be a digital representation of living, breathing human structures; how we are organised in companies and the public sector, what roles we perform, and how we, as ‘business’ people, behave. This is something that only high quality, real-time and responsive lead data can deliver on.

In short, enriched data is so valuable because it captures real-life; unlike standard data it has an unlimited depth of insights and can be trusted to deliver automated decisions with greater dependability.

The basic values missing from raw data

Given the level of data enrichment technologies now available to us, the B2B data we use should represent a more human world, one that is subject to constant change:

  • People leave employers to take up new opportunities as their careers advance 
  • People get promoted, and take on new and different roles 
  • The fortunes of companies change – bad years mean laying off staff or closing, good years mean expanding, taking on new people. 
  • Management structures change 
  • Individual business units and teams are launched, closed and even sold 
  • Corporate objectives shift

Critical business decisions are made upon the quality of a CRM’s data. Considering the above, should we entrust our demand-generation strategy on data that is effectively outdated from the moment is captured and, from then on, limited at best?

Where enriched data makes a real difference

Above all, enriched lead data is so valuable because it captures real-life. Unlike standard data, it has an unlimited depth of insights to deliver automated decisions with greater dependability.

As a result, enriched data can be trusted to carry-out the most sought-after B2B marketing strategies:

  • Powering ABM strategies with the right target account list 
  • Improving segmentation and targeting by perfecting data
  • Staying on top of new decision makers your target accounts
  • Gaining intelligence on what drives sales and motivates decision makers
  • Making better and more targeted content

Lead enrichment: the bottom line

As the industry matures, B2B markers are increasingly looking for ways for ways to wring as much value as possible from the assets they already have.

Yet lead enrichment is more than just a tool in the drive for efficiency – it’s the key to securing a stronger competitive advantage. 

Not only will this new calibre of data accelerate each acquisition with more sophisticated marketing strategies, it also (and more importantly), works as a fundamental advantage to successfully convert that lead when it really counts– before someone else does.

Of course, this can only explain why lead enrichment is such a valuable asset to B2B Marketers, the impressive reality of what live data looks like can only truly be understood and when seen in person. So if you want to know more about what an enriched lead profile looks like (and it really is as impressive as it sounds), you can book a one-to-one preview of our Data Enrichment technology here. 

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