From Slow, Manual Spreadsheets to 24/7 Automated Data Processing

Improve data quality, compliance and scalability – all with one easy-to-use platform.

What is Manual Data Processing in Spreadsheets Costing You?

Many companies still rely on manual data processing in Excel to ensure high-quality customer data — removing duplicates, updating formatting, correcting errors, mapping fields and more. While not initially concerning, these processes open the door to compliance risks, human error, low productivity, and missed opportunities.

With a simple CSV import, Convertr's platform automates even the most complex of data rules. Filtering out bad data. Enhancing and standardizing valuable customer profiles. And delivering them in real-time directly to your tech stack.

  • Process large event attendee lists or lead files in minutes vs days
  • Move to 24/7 lead delivery by removing manual tasks done during business hours
  • Restrict data access to improve compliance and data security
  • Scale-up data volumes without significant staff increase
  • Focus teams on strategic tasks instead of basic data processing

Spreadsheet Processing

Optimize for Data Quality

Don't spend hours de-duping and doing manual QA in spreadsheets. Set your data quality standards once, import your files and instantly deliver accurate, high-value customer profiles.

Explore Data Validation

Align Data to Your Exact Requirements

Ensure your data is compatible with your tech stack requirements, following proper formatting and aligning with pre-set categories.

Explore Data Standardization

Score & Route Data to the Right Place

Whether you need to deliver leads to marketing automation, a sales CRM or an analytics platform, Convertr can map and securely route your data to each platform.

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