Why Convertr Is Now An Integral Part Of Avani Media’s Tech Stack

"I have been a huge advocate of Convertr having been a customer from almost the beginning. The data validation and transformation that Convertr offers is critical to our customers and ultimately our success as a business. We’re able to run a hugely efficient team that’s able to process a high volume of complex campaigns because of the platform - it is a critical component of our tech stack."

Jason Gladu

Jason Gladu
President, Avani Media

The Challenge

For any B2B marketing agency who is responsible for generating the leads of their clients, it is essential that they can rely on a platform that can act as a quality assurance layer for their entire lead operations. For Avani Media, a B2B marketing agency that specialises in lead generation and content syndication, this was a central part of their business model. To keep up with the requirements from over 50 advertiser clients and work seamlessly with publishers, they needed a platform that could capture, validate, house and transfer leads efficiently and compliantly.

Since the partnership began in April 2022, Avani Media has been able to replace its internal legacy system to enable scalability, automate their lead delivery and act as the main repository for leads for their customers.

The Solution

Avani Media engaged with Convertr almost a year ago to manage lead flow, improve data quality for their clients, automate manual processes and reduce the risk of human error. Convertr’s approach to bringing transparency to the lead generation industry aligned with the core values of Avani Media. Unlike other agencies who don’t typically handle personally identifiable information (PII), Avani Media has taken an alternative approach. They are responsible for managing and ingesting all of their customers' leads from various programmes, and handling all of the lead scoring and routing. This is where Convertr plays an integral role in ensuring that Avani Media can send and receive only the highest quality of leads to and from their customers.

Furthermore, Avani Media has been able to automate the previously manual process of uploading leads into their customer’s CRM. Not only has this significantly improved efficiency and freed up time for the team to focus on higher value tasks, it also ensures that data is captured, handled and distributed securely and compliantly. Their previous internal system has been replaced by the Convertr platform, which has enabled the business to scale effectively, without compromising on the quality of their lead delivery.

All of Avani Media’s clients now run campaigns through the platform, because it allows them to run multi-channel programmes that deliver measurable results. These campaigns can also be tracked from within the platform, which means Avani and its customers can manage partner performance and attribute leads to specific campaigns or channels. This is hugely important as it enables them to extract key insights and optimise campaigns accordingly.

The future of the partnership looks promising too, with the potential for platform feature expansion, as well as the opportunity to connect Avani Media’s customers with Convertr to help with the standardisation of data and frictionless campaign execution.

Convertr Custom Scoring


Leads Processed 2022

1-2 Min

Average Delivery Time


Average Invalidation Rate

The Results

Since Avani Media started using Convertr, they have been able to process over 230,000 leads in the past year. More specifically, looking at the past six months, there’s been a 46% increase in the number of leads processed compared to 2021. This proves how Convertr is supporting Avani Media’s growth, all while being scalable and sustainable.

The average processing time for leads that require no manual intervention in order to be delivered to the configured endpoint is between 1-2 minutes. Prior to using Convertr, it was taking Avani between 7-8 hours of manual lead handling, QA, and processing per team member per week.

Convertr has also been key in ensuring that only high quality leads that meet the campaign criteria are delivered to the necessary end point. From Jan - March 2023, the average invalidation rate was 12%, which was 36% less than the industry average. This is evidence of Convertr’s ability to prevent poor quality, incomplete data from entering Avani Media’s customers databases.

It is fantastic to see Avani Media’s advocacy of Convertr as a platform, and have loved being an integral part of their growth over the past year, not only ensuring that their existing customers are getting the highest quality of leads, but also contributing to their credibility in the market for delivering high-performing campaigns. We look forward to seeing how the partnership will evolve during 2023.

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett
CEO, Convertr

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