Sell Smarter with Lead Scoring

Organise your prospects with data-based precision.

Convertr Lead Scoring

Prioritise at Scale

Eliminate oversights and use a reliable, automated system to identify those who are sales-ready from the ones that need nurturing.

Go Granular

Be as targeted as you like! Our flexible rule-based system allows you to score leads from types of interest to job role or activity level.

Drive More Successful Outcomes

Want to do more than simply silo your audience? Our job level scoring system doesn’t just tier lead profiles, it powers the success of leads you want.

How Can Scoring Streamline Sales & Marketing?

Convertr Custom Scoring

Easy to See & Control Quality-assurance

In Convertr, we make managing the quality of your audience effortless with our unique 'traffic light' system. This instantly visualises the custom scoring in your funnel, highlighting the leads that are sales ready.

Freedom to Micromanage

It's free to add as many rules as you like. Plus, you can adjust the importance of these rules depending on how much they matter.

Flexibility to Optimize

Work with agility. Convertr's flexible control centre allows you to optimize your rules at any time, so you can update scoring criteria even within live campaigns.

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