How Future has been able to scale its business and establish itself as a market leader

"We are delighted to have been part of Future’s growth over the past seven years, helping them to build credibility within the industry and establish itself as a market leader - we look forward to continuing to support Future across other areas of the business."

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett
CEO, Convertr

The Challenge

Generating high quality, contactable data is a significant challenge across the lead generation landscape. For Publishers like Future, it can be the difference between securing a client or a missed opportunity. However, Future knew that in order to gain market share and build credibility in the industry, it had to be able to collect valid data via its website, IT Pro, increase the speed of lead flow and deliver high quality data to its customers. Fast forward seven years, Future has partnered with some of the biggest brands across the globe, expanded its client base and established itself as a market leader.

The Solution

Future, previously known as Dennis Publishing, engaged with Convertr almost seven years ago, to work together to build its client base and develop a strong, trusted reputation within the industry. The long standing relationship is testament to the fact that Future has continued to recognise the value that Convertr is bringing to its business. Today, Convertr is an essential component within Future’s technology stack, automating manual processes, streamlining operations and ensuring that only the highest quality of leads are delivered to its customers.

As Future’s reputation for efficiently delivering valid lead data grew, so did the need for a platform that could handle the increase in the volume of leads being processed. Over the years, Convertr has partnered closely with Future to ensure that its needs could be met. As a result, Convertr supports Future with managing its organic data collected on its website, IT Pro. Future utilises a custom API functionality to host whitepapers on the website, which means it benefits from a centralised hub to manage white paper assets and streamline lead capture and asset delivery.

Future also harnesses the power of Convertr Connect, a platform functionality that automates lead delivery and routes data directly into whichever CRM integration its customers use. On top of this, Convertr proactively works to ensure the platform adheres to global compliance requirements, meaning Future can be confident that any data captured is handled and distributed securely. Using Convertr’s tracking functionality, Future is also able to monitor partner performance and attribute leads to specific channels - a key feature that helps to extract valuable insights for Future and its customers.

And the partnership is continuing to grow, with discussions of how Convertr can support Future across other parts of its business already underway, the future is ripe for collaboration.

Convertr Integrations and Delivery


Leads Processed 2021


Average Lead Processing Time


Average Invalidation Rate

The Results

In 2017, Future processed 31,272 leads using Convertr, but by 2021, this number was almost 20 times higher, with 525,812 leads processed that year. This exponential growth has enabled Future to continue generating high quality lead data, and automate their lead delivery.

In fact, Future’s average lead processing time for the last 6 months is just 27 seconds, with an average invalidation rate of 23%. This data is testament to the value Convertr brings, and is crucial in driving both time and cost savings.

Our long-standing partnership with Convertr is testament to the fact that we continue to recognise the value the platform brings to our business and our customers. With Convertr, we’ve been able to expand our business, streamline operations and automate manual processes, without compromising on the quality of the data.

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