Publisher & Supplier Certification

How can the Publisher & Supplier certification support my business?

Convertr Certification

The best companies have taken a proactive approach to security and compliance. With the only certification program for the Convertr ecosystem, you get:

On-demand Onboarding
Virtual onboarding of users who can register 24/7 and complete course work and assessment quiz on demand.

Competency, knowledge and expertise
Our program has been designed to ensure users have the competency, knowledge and expertise needed to capture, process and deliver customer data using the Convertr platform.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?
MFA acts as an additional layer of security to prevent unauthorised users from accessing your platform.

Compliant certified users only!
Our dedicated 24/5 Support team will only add certified users to your platform.

Amazon Business Avani Media AWS Publisher Certification Digitas GUS Publisher Certification HP Publisher Certification Intentsify oneninefive Oracle Publisher Certification SWZD ZScaler

Convertr Certified Partners

Get Educated

Learn the core workflows in the Convertr platform and understand the recommended best practices for demand generation.

Get Recognised

Add an industry recognized certification to your LinkedIn profile and resume to show your current or future employer how you separate from the pack.

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