Exciting Changes to Campaigns

By Danny Hannah - October 25, 2019

If you’ve logged into Convertr recently, you would have seen some pretty exciting changes to the Campaign section of the platform, with plenty more on the horizon.

At the start of October we rolled out new widgets for the Campaign > Overview section. Replacing the high level, customisable numbers we had previously with fewer but far more informative widgets in its place, each with its own visual aide to help give insight at a glance.

We’ve also refreshed the Tracking > Links section, adding a widget to highlight tracking performance for the campaign and quick toggles for enabling and disabling tracking links directly from the table. Adding and editing links is now faster, with all actions happening in the page within modals rather than excessive page loads – a trend you’ll see across the platform in future releases.

These changes mark the start of a host of changes coming to the campaign section. In the coming weeks you’ll see a new Lead section, combining the campaign level functionality with a global management area replacing Live Leads. A new system for handling Publisher and Campaign event tags as well as improvements to the Publisher tab.

For further assistance or support on how to set up the new Overview and Tracking areas, please reach out via support@convertr.io.

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