Automated Reporting & Deep Insights

Replace spreadsheets, emails and extra work hours with end-to-end tracking and clear performance metrics.

What can Convertr Reporting & Analytics do for you?

Convertr Lead Breakdown Report

Save Time

Eliminate the need to create multiple fresh reports. Build an automated, flexible and customisable report in minutes.

See Exactly What You Need

Consolidate all your data in one comprehensive report, or create specific templates for regular use.

Shape Reports to your Routine

Orchestrate your reporting schedule from one place, with customisable time-frames and destinations for your reports.

Convertr Dashboard

Business as it should be: Convertr Transparency

Our aim is to help marketers make better business decisions with clear, unbiased metrics they can trust.

First, we create the perfect ‘level playing field’ with standardised metrics that your entire team can understand – then we give you the power to compare statistics and optimise performance in one objective, transparent analytics system.