Global Forms Management: Centralised forms, Simplified processes.

By Barnaby Murtagh - June 22, 2021

Our new Global Forms solution is planned for August and is in development to help users regain control of their demand gen forms and fields.

Previously, Convertr forms were created and managed on a campaign level. While this worked well for a time, customers voiced their struggles with the overall management and consistency of forms.

With this new Global Forms approach, we have centralised form management to help solve many issues related to:

  1. Visibility into available forms and where they’re used
  2. Inconsistent field names
  3. Implementing changes across multiple campaigns
  4. Archiving old forms
  5. Form interface

New Centralized Form Management

With the Global Forms release, you will see a new Forms option in the left navigation. From this section, users can view and manage forms across all campaigns.

Form tools will still be available at a campaign level but all changes will be visible within the global forms section.

Improving Field Consistency

One of the main drivers for moving from campaign-level forms to global form management was inconsistent form fields. When creating forms, the platform had allowed users to add and name fields as they needed which led to variations across campaigns.

A typical example of this would be the Job Title field varying from one campaign to the next.

  • Job_title
  • Jobtitle
  • jobTitle
  • Job-title
  • Job title
  • job|title

While this was fine for managing a single campaign, aggregating and reporting across multiple campaigns could be challenging. With the introduction of Global Forms, we hope to reduce this issue significantly.

Allowing Bulk Editing

As customers grew and added more campaigns, we also heard growing feedback around the need to make bulk edits to forms.

For example, a user could have one form template that is used across 10 campaigns. If the template changes, each campaign form would need to be updated separately.

With Global Forms, a user can associate a form template to the 10 campaigns, and when updated, the changes will automatically be applied to the necessary campaigns.

Active vs Inactive Forms

To help ensure effective form management, we have introduced Active and Inactive form groups to remove unnecessary clutter as the number of forms increases.

Improving the Forms Interface

We have improved the Form Builder User Interface to make form creation clearer. This includes the addition of new tooltip prompts, improved labelling, individual field actions (Delete, Settings, Move), and more.


Users should also see noticeable improvements to:

  • Form preview
  • Thank you page management
  • Dynamic content controls
  • Import-from-csv form creation
  • Form translations

Visit our help center for technical details and documentation on Global Forms.

Want to learn more about how Convertr simplifies data capture and management, request a demo today.

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