Search Bar Update

By Barnaby Murtagh - April 8, 2022

We’ve improved the header search functionality allowing more specificity when searching Campaigns, Advertisers, Publishers and Leads.

Previously under the platform header section, the search bar was able to search across multiple areas of the platform at once:

New Search Dropdown

Only available for pages with /v2 in the URL.

The new functionality for the search bar will enable users to search with more specificity:

The search bar will now include a dropdown menu. The dropdown menu will allow users to search via ‘Campaign’, ‘Advertiser’, ‘Publisher’ or ‘Leads’. Once a selection has been made from the dropdown menu, customers will be able to search as they previously did. It’s important to remember that only the selected category values will be returned, i.e. if a customer selects ‘Campaigns’ from the dropdown, the returned results will all relate to campaigns.

The greatest impact for customers for this release will be a speed improvement for returning search results, especially with larger enterprises where search queries previously may have timed out due to the amount of data being searched upon.

These changes are part of an on-going program of work in the coming months aimed at improving the performance of the platform, which will continue to add to the quality of life for all users.

For further assistance or support on how to use the functionality, please reach out via

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