Improving Lead Quality And Solving Complex Data Problems For Brands

Improve your lead flow and break down data barriers between teams and platforms.

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Improve Data Quality. Accelerate Lead Flow. Drive Growth.

From varying lead quality to disconnected customer databases, managing data across marketing platforms and CRMs is not easy. Bring in multiple departments, vendors, and platforms, and it becomes nearly impossible to understand the value of your existing customer data or the impact of the lead data coming in.

Convertr simplifies your data processes to remove barriers to growth and enables scalable, compliant, data-driven strategies.

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Automate to Your Data Quality Standards

Bad data can cost brands millions from wasted budgets to lost opportunities and low productivity. With Convertr data optimization, you can block bad leads before they enter your database and cause harm.

No more manual data cleansing from marketing. No more double or triple checking data before sales pick up the phone. And no more reporting delays as BI teams work to make sense of fragmented data sets. Just consistently accurate and high-quality data to drive strategic action.

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Streamline Your Lead Flow

When leads express interest, you need to act fast. But when leads get held up due to manual processes, you may miss out on valuable opportunities.

Automate data processing from your demand channels — events, social, digital, publishers, and more — to deliver qualified leads to the right place while opportunities are still hot and without sacrificing data quality.

Convertr Data Processing

Drive Strategy with Deep Data Insights

Most brands struggle to understand what drives revenue. With the Convertr platform, your marketing team gains greater transparency on where the best leads come from and what drives the most revenue.

And BI and Analytics teams work with cleaner, structured data sets to spend less time cleaning data and more time analyzing.

Convertr Reporting

Global Automotive Manufacturer

Grew Paid Social Leads 300% While Reducing CPA rates 72%

Social campaigns were underperforming due to a poor website user experience. Convertr’s connected apps allowed the media agency to improve performance using native lead generation forms and retargeting campaigns.

Multinational Computer Networking Provider

Dropped Event Lead Processing Time from 76 Hours to < 5 Minutes

Event leads sat in a processing queue for weeks losing value and allowing competitors to engage first. Today, they are QAed, amended with required fields, and routed in real-time for immediate engagement from sales or marketing.

Global Cloud Technology Company

Standardized Data Processes Across 37 Publishers & Growing

Publisher leads were needing to be manually reviewed, edited, and imported, delaying engagement. Today, automated processing ensures high lead quality, streamlines their lead flow, and provides clear publisher performance metrics.

Built to Keep Data Secure and Compliant

We take data privacy and compliance seriously, and the Convertr platform is packed with features that enable your team to work compliantly. Whether you’re looking for best practices that restrict access to keep data secure or GDPR features like data masking or subject access requests, we have you covered.

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