‘Remember Me’ Form Type

By Adam Carter - September 10, 2018

We’ve improved our form experience by reducing the amount of interaction required for our users.

Introducing our ‘Remember Me’ form type. The example below shows the usual form fields for a white paper landing page, however, there is an additional option to ‘Remember Me’.

The ‘Remember Me’ box is checked and the customer completes the form as usual. Then comes the clever bit, the next time this customer goes to one of our Convertr forms, their information will be automatically populated.

In the below example you can see the same details are populated on a different landing page.

Customer are of course given the option to see why there data has been populated along with the ability to remove the Convertr cookie if they choose to opt out of this feature. We also give the ability to ‘remember’ details for a given time period (which can be set within our enterprise configuration).

For further assistance or support on how to set up the ‘Remember me’ functionality, please reach out via support@convertrmedia.net.

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