New Advertiser Report User Type

By Adam Carter - October 25, 2019

Convertr now offers a new ‘Advertiser Report’ user type, designed to provide a simple view for your advertiser users.

This user role will see a more streamlined view of their associated campaigns, which includes an option to export lead data for each of their campaigns.

Clicking the ‘Export Leads’ button under actions, will start the lead export process, where users can create and manage their export templates as usual.

As you can see the new ‘Advertiser Report’ user type can create their own templates by simply dragging and dropping the desired fields.  With this they can also rename the field(s) to whatever they choose before export the data.

For further assistance or support on how to set up the new ‘Advertiser Report’ user type functionality, please reach out via

If you do not have access to this functionality please speak to your account manager, so you can find out how to unlock this connected application.

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