Data Privacy & Compliance

Convertr takes a proactive approach to data privacy and compliance to handle customer data according to best practices. If you have questions or queries about the services provided by Convertr, please contact us.

Taking A Proactive Approach

We strive to keep data safe and compliant in a fast-moving digital world. To support this promise, we retain a data privacy firm to regularly audit and refine our processes. With their guidance and our internal expertise, we continue to improve our businesses processes and enhance the Convertr platform to better enable our clients to compliantly acquire, process and route customer data.

Convertr and Data Security

Convertr adheres to the industry’s top standards to protect our customer data and maintains ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 certification includes an annual audit of Convertr data acquisition, storage and risk management processes to help ensure we adhere to the industry’s best practices to protect our customer data.

Convertr and Global Compliance

Convertr monitors global compliance regulations and contracts with external experts to evaluate our internal operations and services. As regulations evolve, we release new features or tools to enable our clients to compliantly acquire, process and route customer data on the Convertr platform.

US and European Privacy Law Resources:

As always, your privacy and that of your users is a high priority for our team. We've built tools to make it easy for you to address requirements with the ever-evolving privacy laws - but if you have any questions with regards to these tools, please contact us.

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