Introduction of Dynamic Form Behaviour

By Convertr - October 20, 2021

As part of the Global Forms release, customers using Convertr web forms will see exciting new features to improve usability and provide new dynamic form content.

The following release will impact customers using Convertr forms to capture web leads (e.g. request a demo form) or using the Convertr whitepaper functionality to serve and capture leads tied to specific assets.

User Experience Improvements

This release includes several improvements to the form builder interface. Users should see noticeable performance improvements with field ordering, form previewing and form saving. Usability has also been improved with the inclusion of more tooltips, improving navigation structure and various consistency tweaks by consolidating field settings into a single dialog for every field type.

Dynamic Form Content

‘Dynamic Content’ is a new field type that can be added to forms to allow users to display unique content based on ‘Advertiser’ or ‘Advertiser and Category’.

The example below shows the same form utilising ‘Dynamic Content’ to show different terms and conditions across different advertisers.

Advertiser 1 Advertiser 2

Dynamic Thank You Page Content

This release will also introduce dynamic content on the thank you page. Similar to the ‘Dynamic Content’ on the form fields stage, unique content can be displayed on the thank you page based on specific Advertisers, Campaigns or Whitepapers.

Additionally, website redirects (including a delay) can now be set up completely through the interface without the need to manually write Javascript.

The example below shows the setup requirements for a website redirect with custom content for this form if shown on the specified campaigns.

Recommended Whitepapers

Any customers using our whitepaper functionality will still have access to the ‘Show Recommended Whitepaper’ feature. Various customisation options are available to allow the promotion of other content pieces based on set criteria.

The example belows shows how to specify the amount of whitepapers to show once the form has been completed, depending on campaign, tag or category.

Automated Iframe Form Sizing

Convertr will continue to provide javascript and iframe options for customers embedding forms on their website. Forms built under the iframe type allow an option to automatically resize iframes.

This feature can automatically resize the form height to show every form field without needing a scrollbar, therefore removing the need for custom code on your website to achieve an optimal form height.

‘Auto iframe resizing’ disabled ‘Auto iframe resizing’ enabled
Users have to manually declare form size via custom code, otherwise forms will have a scrollbar. Custom code is not required as the optimal form height is automatically implemented.

Form Translations

While form translations have always been a popular feature in Convertr, the process will be easier thanks to the new global forms structure. Using this feature, users can create translated forms based on a master form. The translated forms have identical form fields to the master form, however they allow changing of the labels, placeholders and copy to be translated into the required language.

For instance, if you want a form in English and French, you create your master form with your required fields, and add the field labels and placeholders your lead will see in your default language (e.g. English). You would then create a translated French form that will show the same fields, but with translated labels, placeholders and copy.

The master form can then be implemented site-wide, where specific locales can be triggered to surface different languages.

Note: Convertr does not translate the labels, placeholders or any copy. Translations will need to be sourced and entered for each form translation manually.

Master Form Translated Form
Created with default platform language. Same fields, but with translated language input labels and placeholders.

Updated documentation is being finalized and will be available upon release.

If you are not using Convertr web forms and want to learn about these great features and more, request a demo today.

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