Championing Success in Software: Convertr at the Accounting Excellence Awards

By Convertr - October 2, 2018

If there’s one thing that gets our team excited, it’s the continual quest to build better technology – which is why we were delighted to sponsor the Software Category at this year’s Accounting Excellence Awards.

As November drew to a close, we joined SIFT at London’s Intercontinental Park Lane to celebrate and support some of the world’s most talented software teams as sponsors of their Accounting Excellence Awards.

Now in their 8th year, the ceremony highlights both the trends and breakthroughs in the sector. Amongst the trends, it’s clear the drive for cloud-based technology is still going strong. Of the 51 teams shortlisted in the Software categories, over half were cloud products.

As ever, innovation was key to the evening’s conversations; but throughout the ceremony, it was clear that championing successful software means more than simply building better technology. It needs teams that are passionate about supporting their software’s implementation and considering its effect on the wider landscape.

If there was one takeaway from the awards, it’s that those teams are out there in abundance. Moreover, we were inspired to see that the standard of nominations can only be on the rise as software goes from strength-to-strength in a competitive and highly-regulated industry.

A huge thank-you to SIFT for hosting a show-stopping and inspiring evening, and congratulations to everyone nominated and all the winners on the night (a full list can be found here).

Convertr is a Lead Management Platform that champions better software, full compliance and businesses that expect more from their overall process.

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