Convertr Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

By Convertr - December 12, 2018

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a destination for sales and marketing leaders. It’s the one platform that business professionals consistently and meticulously keep updated with current information about the companies they work for, the roles they fulfill, and the professional skills and interests they possess.

Without question, LinkedIn is a valuable tool for building prospect databases, but even when the LinkedIn community interacts with campaigns and opts-in to receive information from brands, the process of getting that opt-in data from LinkedIn into a customer database has always been very manual and more than a bit tricky.

Add in privacy requirements such as GDPR, and the process of obtaining this data takes on an even greater level of complexity – especially for agencies running campaigns on behalf of their clients. As a result, agencies require a tool that allows them to deliver results for their clients.

With all of this in mind, Convertr is incredibly excited to announce we are partnering with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to bring an innovative solution to market whereby the manual–and risky–process of data migration has been completely automated from end-to-end. So, what does “end-to-end” really mean? I’m glad you asked…

With the Convertr for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integration, here are just a few things that can be achieved:

  • Easily build custom forms inside of Convertr and push them directly into associated LinkedIn ads
  • Securely and automatically synchronize LinkedIn lead data into Convertr
  • Amend LinkedIn data to match your data structure
  • Automate prospect data routing to appropriate systems (including your CRM, marketing automation platform, BI tools, etc.)
  • Track your campaign ROI in real-time

With this new functionality, agencies and brands are now able to run LinkedIn ads to capture the richest and most powerful B2B contact data available and do so securely, automatically, and in real-time.

“Excited” barely begins to describe our feelings about joining the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program and this is just the beginning:

Soon we will announce additional innovations to the Convertr platform and new Convertr tools for LinkedIn audience building and ad tech execution. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and we look forward to delivering even more new benefits to our valued clients and partners.

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