The Power of Rapid Delivery from Start to Finish

By Stephanie Gilbert - July 5, 2014

If you follow us on Twitter then you might have spotted a (slightly boastful) tweet of ours.

We’ve been working hard on a major campaign for an automotive manufacturer over the last few weeks.  Central to the whole strategy has been speed of response.  We’ve worked closely with the client to integrate Convertr’s platform with their own databases.  Laying that groundwork has meant that since campaign go-live we’ve been able to feed leads straight into the hands of their local dealerships as soon as they’re validated.  Validation itself is also designed to be as swift as possible – our tech checks data on-the-fly, and scores it according to the client’s criteria. 

The result of that work is a great conversion rate.  We’re still in early days, in terms of the car-buying life cycle, but in the first week after the campaign went live our leads have already converted into more than 13 cars sold at local dealerships – and as we said in our tweet, in one instance that process took less than 3 hours from start to finish.  

Lead stagnation is the enemy of any sales effort.  Initial interest is a precious commodity, but if it’s not responded to promptly it can quickly disappear or, worse still, turn into negativity.  After all, no-one likes to feel ignored, especially when they’re in the buying frame of mind.  Customers expect a nigh-on instant response to their enquiries.  When they don’t get one, they will take their business elsewhere along with their potential loyalty.  

Designing a process that is slick and fast from start to finish is the best way to avoid that problem.  Technology like Convertr’s will undoubtedly help with a large chunk of that work.  But at the end of every lead generation campaign is an organisation that needs to respond quickly (and ideally brilliantly too) to customers who have expressed their interest.  When those two things – the tech, and the human interaction – work in synthesis, then you’re onto a winner. 

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