Publisher User Dashboard Updates

By Adam Carter - March 18, 2021

Introducing our revamped dashboard for Publisher users.

Pages and Menu Item Changes

The majority of our streamlining efforts reside with the top navigation items. ‘Data Sectors’, ‘Available Campaigns’ and ‘Top Referring Sites’ have been completely removed due to lack of usage and overall adoption.

‘Your Campaigns’ and ‘Previous Campaigns’ have now combined under a single panel, with separate tabs for ‘Active Campaigns’ and ‘Ended Campaigns’ (previously named ‘Your Campaigns’ and ‘Previous Campaigns’). This change offers the exact same functionality with improved user experience, allowing quicker access for current and past campaigns.


Separate pages for ‘Your Campaigns’ and ‘Previous Campaigns’.


‘Active Campaigns’ and ‘Ended Campaigns’ now tabbed under a single panel. ‘Data Sectors’, ‘Available Campaigns’ and ‘Top Referring Sites’ removed.

Publisher Details

The ‘Publisher Details’ have moved from the main dashboard and can now be found on the initial publisher listing/login page, within the ‘View’ button dialog.


Dedicated ‘Publisher Details’ page.


Click the ‘Publisher’ link in the sidebar to view the publisher listing table, where the ‘View’ button can be clicked within the table to access the new ‘Publisher Details’ dialog.

New ‘Publisher Details’ dialog.


The lead ‘Import’ process has been given a much needed refresh. The new multistep dialog more clearly defines each step within a more user friendly dialog popup.

Before After

Upload dialog for CSV.

Setup and Mapping page.

Import Preview dialog.

Upload CSV step.

Setup step.

Mapping step.

Preview step.

Table Column Changes

You’ll notice various changes to the table columns, allowing for more legible content. The previous ‘Type’ column is now separated to individual ‘Campaign’ and ‘Contract’ status columns to provide clearer information on each of your campaigns. Other changes include slight layout changes to column data to again improve legibility.


‘Campaign Rules’ re-named to ‘Campaign Information’

One of the more prominent functions for publisher users is the newly named ‘Campaign Information’ feature, now consolidated for a better user experience. The dialog is now a consolidation of the previous separately accessible ‘Validation List’ and ‘Simple Conditional’ tabs, now found within a simpler single table view under the ‘Job Breakdown’ tab. Also provided within the ‘Campaign Information’ dialog under the ‘Publisher Notes’ remains the same namesake feature.

Before After

Separate tabs for ‘Validation List’ and ‘Simple Conditional Job’.

‘Validation List’ and ‘Simple Conditional Job’ consolidated into a single table view.


We have consolidated the ‘Tracking’, ‘Impression Tags’ and ‘API Credential’ dialogs into a single, tabbed dialog to improve usability and accessibility.

Before After

Previously the ‘Tracking’, ‘Impression Tags’ and ‘API Credential’ information was accessible via 3 separate dialogs.

Now all tracking information is consolidated into a single ‘Tracking Information’ dialog.

Note: API key is needed for any Enterprise to Enterprise integrations.

Contract History

Minimal changes have been made to the ‘Contract History’ feature. You’ll notice a new icon and the removal of the redundant ‘Contract Changes’ column within the dialog.


‘Export’, ‘Resend Assets’ and ‘Campaign Performance Report’

These features have only changed in terms of icon choice for the respective navigation buttons, where already existing functionality remains as is until future development of these areas is completed.


Export Reports

Access to ‘Export Reports’ have moved from the page footer to a friendlier dropdown within the more prominent page header via the report icon. This change improves initial load performance by moving from a full page takeover to a more easily accessible dialog popup.


Previously accessible by clicking the ‘Exports’ button within the platform footer to open a dedicated ‘Export’ page.


Click the ‘Exports’ button in the platform header to open a ‘Export Request’ dialog.

Custom Table Columns

We are happy to now offer custom table column functionality to our publisher users. Now you can hide, add, reorder and highlight columns within your table view.

Click the ‘Custom Table Columns’ button found in the bottom right corner of the table to access the column options.


Access to our various avenues of support is now prominent as ever within a new dropdown support module located within the header of the page. This feature allows users to engage with our:

  • Help Centre – Documentation, guides and articles on our Help Center
  • Contact Support – Submit support tickets via the platform
  • Walkme – In platform walkthroughs of product functionality

Release Notes

The ‘Release Notes’ link has been repositioned to the sidebar, allowing for greater visibility and prominence if you’re eager for an update on the latest platform releases.

Before After

For further assistance or support on how to use the functionality, please reach out via

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