Batch Integration Improvements

By Adam Carter - June 25, 2019

Our ‘Batch CSV Integration’ feature now allows you to send a cumulative file.

On the integration, you will see a new setting called file_type with two options; default or cumulative.

Selecting cumulative will generate a report that contains all of the campaign lead data available since adding the integration to the campaign. 

You can now fulfill two reporting options by setting up two integrations. This method will not only generate a daily report with just the lead data from that particular day (current functionality), but also provide an additional weekly file containing all the data as well, or vice versa.

Notification emails for these reports have also received a small change, where they no longer include an extensive list of lead IDs. Now, the report shows a simple ‘total’ figure for the number of leads delivered on the campaign.

As for naming your report file, a new %campaignName% placeholder is now available for added convenience. 

For further assistance or support on how to set up the ‘Batch CSV Integration’ functionality, please reach out via

If you do not have access to this functionality, please speak to your account manager and discover the benefits of ‘Batch CSV Integration.’

Introduction of Dynamic Form Behaviour

As part of the Global Forms release, customers using Convertr web forms will see exciting new features to improve usability and provide new dynamic form content. The following release will impact customers using Convertr forms to capture web leads

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