Set Data Standards & Automate to Your Requirements

Address common database issues by conforming your data sets – large and small – to your exact standards.

From Data Chaos to Control

You’ve built a high-powered tech stack but are you struggling to align your data across channels, platforms and teams? With Convertr, you can standardize important data points that are vital for accurate targeting, sales efforts and analysis. Just set your data rules. Automate QA and standardization. And watch data quality and productivity improve.

  • Instantly update country or industry to match your picklist options
  • Ensure dates are formatted correctly
  • Add data required by your CRM
  • Remove country codes from telephone numbers
  • Combine or separate address fields
  • And so much more

Correct Formatting
Standardize Values
Assign New Values
Combine Fields

Deliver The Right Data to the Right Place

Whether you need to deliver leads to marketing automation, a sales CRM or an analytics platform, Convertr can process, map and securely route your data to each platform.

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Remove Manual Data Processing

Many organizations rely on hours of spreadsheet data cleansing or manual cleanup in CRMs, but are left with error-filled systems, questionable reporting and less productive teams. Automate your data quality assurance and formatting to keep teams on track with accurate, usable data.

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Data Sets Ready for Analysis

Beyond Convertr’s powerful analytics tools, your data teams will spend less time cleaning and aligning data and more time uncovering performance trends.

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