Processr Job Groups

By - June 13, 2018

Having the ability to add conditions to jobs that run on incoming lead data had been on the wishlist of many for some time. The first step towards this is our recent Processr Job Groups roadmap feature, giving users the option to conditionally run a job based on a piece of lead data.

The data flow below outlines an example use case:

Users can now run multiple ABM lists against a lead. For example, depending on the country of the lead, users may want to use a different ABM list that is relevant to that particular market.

The below example shows three Processr jobs that have been added to a campaign. Each job has a Job Condition which comprises of a form field and a value. The job will only run if the condition is met when the lead gets processed. The example is using the country field with each country using a different validation list.

Once the initial setup has been completed, users can then configure each Processr job to allow the specific values. For example, the below shows the application of the country specific ABM lists.

Once set-up, new leads entering the platform will be assigned the correct jobs to run based on the configured criteria.

This is just one of many examples which this feature can be applied. For further assistance or support on Processr Job Groups set-up, please reach out via

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