Report Builder: Putting the Power of Reporting at Your Fingertips.

By Adam Carter - June 4, 2021

The Convertr Report Builder is a highly used tool that was built to support our customer’s ad-hoc and recurring reporting needs.

While it solved many reporting needs, customer feedback has been growing in two areas:

  1. Access to More Data – The existing report builder was limited to lead data, and customer feedback consistently requested better insights around campaign data and performance. This release launches a BETA version allowing new campaign-level reporting.
  2. Simplify the User Experience – As it is an advanced area of the platform that connects to complex datasets, the new Report Builder provides customizable templates that greatly simplify the most common reporting requests we see today.

Lead Data and Campaign Data Reporting

Leads Reporting

For those of you already familiar with the Report Builder, you will see a new module-based user experience. As a user, you will be able to report on a wide range of fields. This will include standard fields like Email, Company, and Job Title, but also custom fields that are unique to leads on a specific campaign or fields required by your tech stack.


Campaign Reporting (Beta)

With this release, users will now be able to create Campaign Reports as part of a beta rollout. For the initial Beta release, Campaign Reporting allows you to report on the following fields with a longer-term goal to add more data in the future:

  • Advertiser Id
  • Advertiser Name
  • Campaign Id
  • Campaign Name
  • Publisher Id
  • Publisher Name
  • Band Name
  • Band Id
  • Campaign Status
  • Campaign Start Ts
  • Campaign End Ts
  • Account Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Advertiser Payout
  • Campaign Subcategory Name
  • Campaign Subcategory Id
  • Campaign Category Name
  • Campaign Category Id
  • Campaign Currency Name
  • Campaign Currency Id
  • Campaign Country Name
  • Campaign Country Id
  • Lead Earnings
  • Leads Remaining
  • Leads Required
  • Billable Leads
  • Total Caution Leads
  • Total Invalid Leads
  • Total Valid Leads
  • Delivered Leads
  • Publisher Leads Required
  • Publisher Billable Total
  • Publisher Earnings
  • Publisher CurrentCPL
  • Publisher Current Leads Remaining
  • Campaign Overdelivery
  • Publisher Overdelivery
  • Contact Status Confirmed
  • Contact Status Rejected
  • Contact Status Unconfirmed

Users will also be able to group data by Campaign ID, Campaign ID, and Publisher ID or Campaign ID, Publisher ID, and Campaign Payout Band ID.

New Report Builder Templates

One of the key upgrades to the Report Builder is the ability to use pre-defined Reporting Templates to quickly and easily set up reporting. Based on our most frequent reporting requests, users will now see six pre-defined template reports and an option to create a custom report.

Each template also displays an example of the data included in each report to help you select the right template to get started. From there, you’ll be able to customize fields and time periods to fit your needs.

Publisher Performance:
This template provides a breakdown of publisher performance for active campaigns during the last 30 days.

Advertiser Performance:
This template provides a breakdown of advertiser performance for active campaigns for the last 30 days.

Invalid Leads by Publisher:
This template reports on the number of invalid leads for the last month, broken down by campaign and publisher.

Active Campaigns:
This template reports on current Active campaigns and their high-level performance.

Publisher Over Delivery:
This template reports on the number of leads over delivered by campaign and publisher for the last month.

Allocated Leads:
This template provides a campaign-level view of campaigns with payout and lead allocations.

Creating a New Report

The new Report Builder now uses a module-based process to simplify each step and guide users through the full report creation process which should feel familiar to previous users.

Beyond the new interface, the main change to the process will be step 1. From this screen, you will either select a template or “start your report from scratch” and need to select either Lead data or Campaign data. Your template or data selection will determine the fields available in a later step.

More details on the Report Builder setup process can be found on the help center.

For further assistance or support on how to use the functionality, please reach out via or go to our help centre.

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