Convertr Dashboard V2

By Danny Hannah - June 25, 2019

The Convertr team is very excited to announce our upcoming, phase 1 release of our v2 dashboard. Most Convertr clients will see the changes rolled out over the coming weeks.

Why are we making these changes?

As a product and tech team, we’re constantly trying to improve the platform to make it more secure, user-friendly, stable and scalable. One important goal for 2019 is to improve the user experience of high traffic areas of the platform.

Dashboard table with new shortcut actions getting you to where you need to be in your campaigns.

The new Dashboard is fully API driven. It uses newer technologies, methodologies and follows the “Single Page Application” approach meaning faster interactions and overall performance. Our new Dashboard is built completely upon the same API layer that you (as a Convertr client) can have access to.

New table controls now located under every table.

What to expect

The migration is seamless and requires no changes. This first release is by far the largest and lays the foundations for many more, smaller and more frequent releases which the development team are continuing to work on.

After the phase 1 rollout, you’ll notice a few changes to the interface. All new Dashboard pages will be using the URL structure of /v2/ – this redirect will happen automatically. The areas that will be migrated as part of this phase 1 will be the Login, Password Reset, Password Expiry, full Advertiser section (except campaign creation) and the Dashboard. If you click on any sections not detailed above, you’ll fall back to the v1 dashboard as normal.

New and improved login screen with better validation and feedback.

Visually, the significant changes you’ll notice is a new login screen, more useful widgets on the Dashboard which will eventually be consistent across the entire platform, reworked UX journeys for managing Value Transforms and Validation lists as well as new column based searching on all tables for more powerful filtering.

More insightful, more powerful widgets.

What’s next?

After the phase 1 rollout, we’ll be pushing subsequent, smaller releases more frequently. The campaign ‘Overview’ section will be next, with a revamped set of widgets with more useful data based on feedback and analytics data, followed by other areas of the Campaign section and the “Leads” area (currently known as Live Leads).

Many of the upcoming changes pave the way for exciting changes coming to the Convertr platform over the coming months.

Our Client Success team will be in touch before we enable the new dashboard on your enterprise.

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