Batch Delivery Status Improvements

By Adam Carter - April 13, 2021

We’re making important changes to how the ‘Batch Integration’ job works and we’re improving its representation throughout the platform.

Batch integrations are one of the most used Convertr integrations for lead delivery. It allows publishers and agencies to securely deliver campaign lead spreadsheets to their customers, and are commonly used to deliver valid leads on a daily or weekly schedule.

This update is in response to customer feedback and improving the end-of-month reconciliation process.

New ‘On-Hold – Pending Batch’ Status

Once released, all leads that are scheduled to be sent via the batch integration will now be initially marked as ‘Valid’ and ‘Not Delivered’ and only marked as ‘Delivered’ once a batch file is delivered to the customer. This means if leads are entered Monday-Thursday, but not sent to the customer until Friday, you will have a more accurate view into their delivered and billable status.

Updates to the ‘Leads’ Page: Visibility into Individual Lead Status

On the ‘Processr Status’ column a new status called ‘On Hold – Pending Batch’ is now available for users.

Once the batch is sent, the status will change to ‘Complete’.

Additionally, all users will be able to filter the column and view any records awaiting a batch send.

Updates to the ‘Publisher’ Page: Visibility into a Specific Publisher

The total leads that are pending batch send will be displayed in the ‘On-Hold’ table column for each publisher.


The ‘Leads Export’ report and ‘Report Builder’ will allow users to report on any leads that are in the batch-pending state. A new field named ‘jobDeliveryTime’ will display the timestamp of when the lead was sent. To filter leads on the processr status, users will be able to reference the ‘processrStatus’ field.

Improvements Still to Come


For relevant platform widgets, leads may not be marked as ‘Valid’ and ‘Delivered’ straight away. This figure will only update once all batches have run and will then be marked as ‘Billable’ (‘Valid’ and ‘Delivered’) in the platform.

‘On Hold’ Table Column on ‘Dashboard’ Table

Similar to the change made on the ‘Publisher’ table, the total leads that are pending any batch sends will be displayed in the ‘On-Hold’ column for each campaign on the ‘Dashboard’ table.

For further assistance or support on how to use the functionality, please reach out via

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