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Automate data workflows to optimize your demand programs.

When There's Interest, There's Action.

You've built a successful campaign and prospects are converting, but do your leads then sit in your ad platform while they lose interest, or worse engage a competitor?

With Convertr Social Lead Data, interested leads are immediately processed and delivered to the right sales or marketing program. No delay. No added burden on your team. Just high-quality leads progressing into your sales funnel in real-time.

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Automate Data Processes

Exporting, QAing and importing leads reduces your team's productivity, taking them away from more strategic tasks, slowing lead delivery leading to missed opportunities. Automate processing and lead routing to keep teams and programs optimized for revenue growth.

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Increase Data Quality

Repeatedly updating lead files to meet your field requirements takes valuable time and risks human error. Set your requirements for date formatting, industry fields and more, and new data will automatically be updated and ready for your CRM.

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Focus on Performance

Move time from data processing to data analysis. Gain a deeper understanding of channel performance through Convertr's analytics and more reliable reporting across your tech stack thanks to higher quality data sets.

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Built with Data Security & Compliance in Mind

For Internal Marketing Teams

Reduce data access by cutting manual processing in excel and improve consent records through secure automation.

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For Agency Teams

Restrict access to PII data for global compliance while improving data quality and data security standards.

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