Data Optimisation and Routing

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Convertr empowers brands, agencies, and publishers to generate more demand, provide actionable prospect data and increase conversions through a single platform.

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Accelerate your client’s performance with scalable processes and deep insights.

Global campaign management
Real-time performance data
Secure & compliant data processing

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Acquire, engage & deliver more relevant and profitable customer profiles

Block costly invalid prospect data
Deliver accurate data across platforms
Optimise through strong data insights

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Amplify growth with efficient operations & increased campaign performance.

Optimise to client campaign parameters
Automate data processing and delivery
Deliver more value to customers

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Unite Acquisition Strategies and Software

Unify your data-flows in one centralised platform.

Optimise, manage and deliver complex campaigns seamlessly, connecting any data source to any endpoint.

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Convertr Dashboard
Accelerating Demand to Delivery

Convertr's data-driven platform does the heavy-lifting at scale, transforming your lead process into a real-time, self-cleansing and delivery machine.

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Convertr Form Verification
Surfacing Data to Make Better Decisions

Build better lead strategies. Convertr's unbiased, real-time measurement tools make it easy to analyse trends, leverage insights and optimise strategies.

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Convertr Lead Scoring
Paul Franklin Testimonial
Paul Franklin

B2B & B2C Group Publisher

We were right to move away from Excel, now we find ourselves as part of that ecosystem with quicker integrations, with quicker access to all of the data in one central system, to have a system that is GDPR compliant...all of those things validate the initial trepidation of being an investor in Convertr all those years ago.

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Tom Wright Testimonial
Tom Wright

Director of Content & Performance Marketing Services

To date Incisive has processed over 75,000 leads via Convertr. The platform has empowered direct delivery into client marketing automation and CRM platforms. Integration with Marketo, Salesforce and Hubspot - amongst others – is now an ‘off the shelf' offer. Leads can verified in real time, with incomplete data quarantined - and QA tested before reaching customers.

Rupert Denny Testimonial
Rupert Denny

Director Mediacom Business & Tech

Having worked with Convertr since the inception of their B2B product they have become an invaluable cog in our lead-gen process ensuring higher quality and better-qualified leads for our clients.

Patrick Dallip-Oppong Testimonial
Patrick Dallip-Oppong

Digital Marketing Analyst

Bringing in Convertr has been a godsend. Our clients have complex and demanding lead requirements, but with Convertr our time has been stripped from hours to minutes. I can’t imagine managing lead generation campaigns without Convertr.

Glenn Allen Testimonial
Glenn Allen

Digital Campaign Coordinator

Convertr's team have been wonderfully supportive and informative throughout the whole onboarding process. Their cooperation and assistance has been much appreciated!


Goodbye Live Leads, hello Leads

The Live Leads page started life as a quick way to view inbound data on a global level, essentially a small dashboard for admins and campaign managers to see campaign activity at a glance. This area has seen small enhancements as the platform has ev

CDPs Promote Rock Hard Data Abs, But It Takes Work

Every couple of years, a hot, new trend bursts its way into the collective lexicon of the B2B marketer. In recent years, predictive marketing and ABM took center stage as marketers looked to hone in on the data that underpins just about everything th

New Advertiser Report User Type

Convertr now offers a new ‘Advertiser Report’ user type, designed to provide a simple view for your advertiser users. This user role will see a more streamlined view of their associated campaigns, which includes an option to export lead data for

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