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By Convertr - October 25, 2019

Our Connected App solution enables the Convertr platform to connect to 3rd party systems to receive or retrieve data. Platform users have utilised this functionality to retrieve data from leads ads and forms captured in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Marketo. 

Convertr’s most recent development with Google Ads allows retrieval of leads captured in YouTube TrueView’s new performance ad format, Action Form Ads. Users can express interest within YouTube while generating quality leads for advertisers. The ad format is an in-app experience where users can submit their email directly within YouTube as opposed to opening up a separate mobile web browser, leading to a page hosted by the advertiser.  

How Do YouTube TrueView Form Ads Work?

Lead ads are served via a companion banner below TrueView in-stream ads on the mobile YouTube app watch page in portrait mode. Advertisers can choose to collect: Name, Email, Phone Number, Street Address, Postcode/Zip Code or Company Information (any combination of these).

  1. Invitation State – Form is closed. Users click on the extension to open form
  2. Companion Banner and Form – CTA and contact details included
  3. Confirmation – User can visit website if desired

In order to utilise the functionality, you will need to setup a campaign in Convertr as you usually do. The minimum requirements include assigning a publisher, adding a form and adding tracking link to the campaign that every lead will be attributed to. 

Then, collect the Webhook URL and Webhook API key from the ‘Google Ads Connected Apps’ tab. 

During the final process of creating your form in Google Ads, you will need to check ‘Webhook’ in the ‘Lead delivery by webhook’ section. This is where you place your Webhook URL and Webhook API key.

As always, we recommend sending a test record before going live.

Request a demo to learn more or reach out via for further assistance or support on how to set up the ‘Google Ads Connected Apps’ functionality.

If you do not have access to this functionality please speak to your account manager, so you can find out how to unlock this Connected App.

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