Lead Quality and Efficient Processes are Key Requirements for Arizent’s Demand Generation Business, Learn Why They’re Returning to Convertr

"We came to Convertr to help improve lead quality. As our clients pay CPL rates, getting the right leads to our clients on schedule is really important. Another huge benefit we saw was the ease of setting up campaigns. Day in, day out we’re each managing 100 or so programs. Spending only a few minutes versus a half-hour saves us a lot of time and headache, and helps us meet our client deadlines."

Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director

About Arizent

Arizent is a B2B digital media and information services company offering unique insights and analysis to the financial and professional services industry through its eight publications and 20 live expert events.

In Search of the Best Lead Management Platform

Arizent has long seen the value of using a lead management platform to support their demand generation business, and they have not been afraid to change platforms to meet their evolving business needs.

This case study shares their experience, starting with their transition to Convertr in 2018, departure in January 2021, and planned return in January 2022.


Campaigns Run


Leads Validated & Delivered


Hours Saved

(On Campaign Setup Alone)

B.C. (Before Convertr)

Arizent’s small demand generation team supports hundreds of campaigns and delivers nearly 10,000 leads per month. Being able to meet their clients’ deadlines and lead quality needs is important for growth & retention, so Arizent had been using a lead management platform for years by the time they discovered Convertr.

In 2018, the need to better manage data quality was becoming more important, and the team struggled to find a reliable solution with their existing platform. After researching alternatives, the Arizent team landed on Convertr. The platform checked many of the boxes the team needed to improve both data quality and their internal processes, and they felt the onboarding and support would help them meet their goals.

The whole support team was great, very responsive, and held our hands in the beginning. The best advice I can give is to pay attention to onboarding and use your support team as much as possible. They're there for a reason and they really made us feel comfortable using the platform.

Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director

A Departure Followed by a Quick Return

As the Arizent team became more ingrained in the Convertr platform, the benefits started paying off with happy customers and simple, efficient processes to easily launch and manage campaigns. With processes established, the team also began considering additional data projects to improve the data quality in their database and not just for customer campaigns.

We came to Convertr to help improve lead quality. As our clients pay CPL rates, getting the right leads to our clients on schedule is very important. We really liked the platform, it was easy to use, and it was a great partnership.

Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director

Then, during their annual vendor review process, their former platform offered a deal that had the potential to reduce their overall spend for 2021. With such a great deal on paper and the promise of similar features, the decision was made to return to their previous vendor.

Knowing it can take time to transition to a new platform and adjust processes, the demand gen team dug in to make the most of their new technology. Unfortunately for Arizent, the alternative platform over-promised and under-delivered in several key areas that put extra pressure on the demand gen team and put renewal business at risk. Within three months, the team recognized the situation couldn’t continue long term and gained approval to return to Convertr once the current contract expired. Six months later, they were still requiring daily support to get things working and struggling with a backlog of work.

Once we left Convertr, it was clear pretty quickly there would be roadblocks with the new platform. Features we had used heavily in the other platform were gone. Tasks that took 5-10 minutes on Convertr suddenly required 30 minutes. We needed to manually review all customer lead files. Integrations and lead delivery to customers became harder and more time-intensive. And many of the things that were verbally said still haven’t panned out.

Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director

Why Arizent Prefers Convertr for their Demand Gen Business

While Arizent is currently finishing their contract with the other vendor, the Demand Gen team is looking forward to getting back on track in 2022 with Convertr as a partner.

When asked what she missed most about Convertr, Reeves said "the ease of everything, and how efficiently my team could set up and manage campaigns." Ultimately they had a platform and processes they could trust to effectively serve their customer and grow the demand gen business thanks to:

Easy Campaign Setup

Just a few minutes vs 30 minutes saves a lot of time over hundreds of campaigns.

Trust in Data Quality

More trust in campaign rules and quality checks to deliver the right leads to customers.

Automated Lead Delivery

With confidence in data quality, leads can automatically send to clients without manual review.

Great Service & Support

The whole Convertr support team was great and responsive, and their CSM was invested in their success.

Simple Integrations

Simple setup within campaigns, and no additional technical expertise needed.

Clear Reporting

A simple click of a button for finance reports in Convertr (vs an hour+ with others).

I'm really excited to come back, get comfortable again, and hit the ground running. Our CSM is already engaging to help us plan our return and be ready to go on day one. A year is a long time to not have the tools you need on a day-to-day basis and I’m looking forward to the end of the year when we can come back.

Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves
Demand Gen Associate Director

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