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Your Content Should Work Hard For You, Not The Other Way Around

Content Syndication can be the star of many demand gen strategies but if your lead gen data process is manual, you might be working harder, not smarter...for results that are less than stellar.

For example, while you might not be able to control how quickly a lead downloads a whitepaper on a publisher site and is delivered to you, you can control how quickly a lead is received and entered into your database. With Convertr, you'll go from measuring lead flow in days to minutes.

With manual processes for lead generation – you’re sacrificing speed for lead quality, which negatively affects the time it takes for sales to contact leads, that is, if they don’t consider the leads stale by the time they receive them. If you’re focusing on data quality but delay delivery, you may miss the sales/purchase window.

When you take these manual tasks off your team's plate by automating with Convertr, they can refocus on strategy, analyzing performance and optimizing campaigns.

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The Three A’s of Content Syndication

  1. Automate: Content Syndication with Convertr is an automated process that virtually eliminates the pain points associated with manual processing like automated formatting or confirming leads match campaign rules.
  2. Accelerate: Using our streamlined, automated platform means a quicker overall process, and reduced lead delivery times by as much as 80%.
  3. Amplify: Improving the quality of your lead data should increase in sales acceptance and support to scale your programs.

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Deliver The Right Data to the Right Place

Whether you need to deliver leads to marketing automation, a sales CRM or an analytics platform, Convertr can process, map and securely route your data to each platform.

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Remove Manual Data Processing

Many organizations rely on hours of spreadsheet data cleansing or manual cleanup in CRMs, but are left with error-filled systems, questionable reporting and less productive teams. Automate your data quality assurance and formatting to keep teams on track with accurate, usable data.

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Simplify Your Publisher Management

Whether you're managing multiple publishers, regions, lead caps, CPLs or all of the above, Convertr provides a simple interface to keep everyone up-to-date and aligned throughout the campaign.

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