New Fixed Cost Publisher Payment

By Adam Carter - June 20, 2022

Our new fixed-cost publisher payment setting makes it easy to manage more contract options.

Many early Convertr customers were looking for a platform to simplify the demands of their CPL-based payments. As our customer base has grown, we’ve evolved our payment types with the latest addition being Fixed-Cost.

What are Fixed-Cost payments?

Fixed cost payments allow for flat fee publishers agreements instead of a rate per lead, and can sometimes include a minimum number of leads before the fee is due.

For example, you may contract with a publisher to be a lead provider in Q4. The terms might be £5,000 and require a minimum of 500 leads. The publisher budget will only be released for payment once 500 leads have been provided. And, if the publisher happens to deliver 505, 1000 or more, you incur no additional fees.

Using Fixed-Cost payments

When creating an uncapped campaign (if payout bands are enabled these will be ignored), users will see a new option for Fixed Cost payments when assigning a publisher to a campaign.

When adding a publisher, users can now input their budget and minimum lead requirements. Similar to CPL-based campaigns, users should then be able to clearly see the publisher lead goal, leads provided to date, and remaining leads required.

It’s important to note that within the platform leads will not be deemed billable until the minimum lead count has been hit. For example, if the publisher has only sent through 99 valid leads none of them will be deemed billable until the 100th valid lead enters the platform. Once the leads have been deemed billable, the contract of £5,000 would be calculated within the platform and ready to fulfil.

Documentation will be available in the help center upon release.

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