Build an Accurate, Actionable Customer Database

Instantly validate your data to filter out bad records and deliver high-value customer profiles with the potential to convert.

Do You Stand Behind Your Data Quality?

Bad data is costly. Too many invalid emails impacts delivery. Incorrect phone numbers or unqualified leads waste sale’s time. Overly bloated databases lead to annual increases in technology rates. Convertr sits in front of your database to block bad records and only pass through clean, contactable customer profiles you value.

  • Block invalid emails and telephone numbers
  • Check leads for required buyer persona criteria or against ABM lists
  • Stop leads on a suppression list
  • Create rules for duplicate submissions


Align Your Data Across Platforms

Go a step beyond data accuracy to conformity. Ensure data meets your quality standards, following proper formatting and aligning with pre-set categories.

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Deliver The Right Data to the Right Place

Whether you need to deliver leads to marketing automation, a sales CRM or an analytics platform, Convertr can process, map and securely route your data to each platform.

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Data Sets Ready for Analysis

Beyond Convertr's powerful analytics tools, your data teams will spend less time cleaning and aligning data and more time uncovering performance trends.

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