What Can Lead Generation Do For You?

By Convertr - June 29, 2014

We’re in a lucky position, here at Convertr.  Lead generation is a product that almost every business needs, or could do with more of.  

We’re also in a challenging position at times, in that many businesses haven’t heard of lead generation, or at least don’t speak of it in the same terms that we do.  

That’s the nature of digital advertising – it is an industry of idioms, abbreviations, and ever-changing vocabulary. So, let’s start by explaining what lead generation is and how Convertr does it.  

Lead generation is the act of identifying and attracting prospective new customers or new clients.  How do we help our clients to attract new customers?  We have a piece of digital software that seeks out those new business leads online and pulls them in for our clients.  If that’s enough to get you interested then please, do request a demo.  There’s a button at the bottom of the page for specifically that purpose.

If you’re still wondering how lead generation can help your business, then consider these three points:

Lead Generation = Sales Pipeline

Depending on what you sell, your sales cycle could be extremely short (a can of coke) or extremely long (an multi-million pound business IT solution).  But no matter what you’re selling, a pipeline of prospective customers is the key to success.  Where other forms of marketing can build sales pipeline indirectly by raising brand awareness, lead generation delivers sales pipeline directly, effectively approaching the market and discovering prospective interest there and then.  Once those leads are discovered, your sales function is able to spring into action and create revenue.  

Lead Generation = Qualified Interest

Imagine that you run a double-glazing business.  How do you go about identifying those customers that are interested in speaking to you about possibly getting their windows upgraded?  Set a team of sales people to work making cold calls to everyone in the local area?  The chances are that 80% of the people your sales team speaks to aren’t interested for one reason or another – which means that 80% of the phone calls the team is making are wasted time.

What if that double glazing company instead undertook a survey, some research of the local area and found out who hasn’t had their windows sorted out in the last 10 years?  Or who has recently moved into a home and may be looking to upgrade?  Lead generation provides that level of qualification, which means your sales team spend their time speaking to customers who have a high chance of converting into a sale.

Lead Generation = Targeted Engagement Opportunities

Businesses are able to be increasingly sophisticated in their marketing activities thanks to digital technology.  Customers increasingly seek a relationship with brands, rather than a simple transaction.  Have you heard about ‘engagement’?  The chances are that you have – it’s an increasing consideration for marketers and businesses everywhere.

When a prospective new customer or prospective new client puts up their hand and says \”I’m interested\”, they are giving their express permission for you to start building that engagement with them – through email, phone conversations, social media and more.  That’s a valuable commodity: when done right, engagement alongside sales pipeline creates opportunities for repeat business, increased loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.  Pretty powerful for something as simple as lead generation – and when you enhance those opportunities with digital technology, you can do even more…but that’s another blog post for another day.

If you’re considering lead generation, but find yourself asking “what’s in it for me?” then consider carefully the benefits that it can bring to your business.  Generating new customers and new clients is just the beginning – lead generation enables efficient sales efforts and creates opportunities for long-term customer engagement too.

What is a lead management operating system?

Lead management has been defined as the process of identifying and nurturing potential customers all the way through to conversion, all of which is underpinned by technology that automates this process. The Convertr lead management operating syste

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