Campaign API Endpoint

By Danny Hannah - September 10, 2018

Cleanse, validate and verify data from your own internal system or ESP before sending to a CRM system or directly to a client.

Here at Convertr we have a few ways of getting data into the Convertr system in a secure and automated fashion, with our Publisher API being the most widely used.

In most scenarios it makes sense for the data coming into Convertr to be linked to a Publisher account which is a requirement for the Publisher API.

However, what if this data is coming from your own internal system, or perhaps an ESP? Using Convertr, data can now be cleansed, validated and verified before sending to a CRM system or directly to a client.

We’ve recently released a new Campaign API endpoint which allows for a campaign level API token to be used for the duration of the campaign.

In contrast to the Publisher API, both the Publisher and Tracking Link properties are optional or can be dynamically populated without needing to request an alternative authentication token.

We’ve also decoupled it from a user account meaning it doesn’t require the 2 step OAuth process, simplifying the implementation.

A great example use case is using this new Campaign endpoint as a receiving webhook which triggers from events within Marketo. The data naturally flows into the Convertr platform, combined with some ‘Value Based Routing’ we can feed into sub campaigns or directly to the client CRM systems.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Campaign API, then please reach out via

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