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By Adam Carter - April 4, 2022

A big driver from the Convertr Product team is pinpointing the main bottlenecks for customers when navigating the platform, and how best to resolve any issues.

After listening to customer feedback and looking at the data, we’re able to better understand the process of how campaigns are configured, plus the need to allow automation across multiple advertisers at once. Therefore, we’re focusing this release on improving campaign configuration and setup.

Previously customers were only able to duplicate campaigns on behalf of the same advertiser, however with new functionality users can now import campaigns from one advertiser to another.

This functionality will be available at an advertiser level (Advertisers > View > Campaigns > ‘Import Campaign’ Dialog), and will later be released at campaign level (Campaign > Setup > Duplicate ‘Dialog’).

Campaign importing across advertisers will have a great impact for customers by enhancing their experience especially around campaign setup and management. This is the first of many steps in the coming months aiming to help improve the platform, and in-turn, quality of life for our customers.

New Import Button

Within the Advertisers > View > Campaigns section, the ‘Duplicate Campaign’ button has been renamed to ‘Import Campaign’. The checkbox column from the table has also been removed, as the new ‘Import Campaign’ dialog renders the checkboxes redundant.


Campaign Import Interface

Previously, users would select their campaign within the same advertiser to duplicate. Now, with an improved user flow in place, users can import a campaign from a different advertiser within the advertiser they are in.

The new dropdowns allows the user to select the advertiser to import the campaign from, and then select the specific campaign from said advertiser to be imported (campaigns with IO management enabled via the parent advertiser cannot be imported).


After the required information has been completed and saved, a confirmation message will appear to inform users that the campaign creation is underway. After processing the creation request, refreshing the table will allow the user to see the newly imported campaign.

For further assistance or support on how to use the functionality, please reach out via

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