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Discover how our clients scaled their strategy, increased their sales and processed thousands of leads with Convertr.

Why Convertr Is Now An Integral Part Of Avani Media’s Tech Stack

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"The data validation and transformation that Convertr offers is critical to our customers and ultimately our success as a business. We’re able to run a hugely efficient team that’s able to process a high volume of complex campaigns because of the platform."

Why Future Chose Convertr To Help Them Build Market Share And Gain Credibility

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"Our long-standing partnership with Convertr is testament to the fact that we continue to recognise the value the platform brings to our business and our customers. With Convertr, we’ve been able to expand our business."

Why Arizent Returned to Convertr After 4 Months on a 'Similar' Platform

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"I don't think anyone in the space can compare to Convertr. Honestly, we tried. Other systems may look better on paper, but when you’re managing hundreds of programs, a year is a long time to not have the tools you need."

Learn Why Merkle DWA Remains Confident in Compliance and Data Quality

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"If lead automation and data security are the business-critical challenges that need solving, Convertr is the right tool to address both of those needs simultaneously. Their customer service and development teams will be the icing on the cake."

Learn How Dennis Publishing Dropped Their Lead Rejection Rate to Less Than 0.1%

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"We wanted to move towards a modern digital centralised hub that houses, integrates and validates our leads...that's what Convertr is and does."

Learn how Mediacom decreased their media spend by 40% with Convertr

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"Having worked with Convertr for a number of years, they have become an invaluable cog in our lead management process, ensuring higher quality and better qualified leads for our clients."

Learn how FCA increased their sales by 4% with Convertr

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"Convertr have completely transformed the way we acquire new customer leads across our car brands, providing transparency on media spend, saving valuable time and budget to deliver measurable and actionable ROI."

Learn how Incisive processed over 75,000 leads with Convertr

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"To date Incisive has processed over 75,000 leads via Convertr. The platform has empowered direct delivery into client marketing automation and CRM platforms. Leads can be verified in real time and QA tested before reaching customers."

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