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Campaign Templates and Guidance Notes

Genuine templates help ensure campaigns are built correctly When users create a new campaign by simply copying from another, they have free reign to make as many changes as they want. It is common to have compiled detailed instruction manuals to tel

Super Users and Configurable Permissions

Precisely control user actions and access to data We know that if you're responsible for the data in your system, users being able to access configurations that they shouldn't touch or having the ability to delete data they shouldn't, can keep you a

Publisher Notifications of Campaign Changes

Continue to receive valid leads as you update your campaign requirements after your campaign has started We know that up to 80% of campaigns have their requirements updated at least once after the campaign starts.  This can cause all sorts of probl

What is a lead management operating system?

Lead management has been defined as the process of identifying and nurturing potential customers all the way through to conversion, all of which is underpinned by technology that automates this process. The Convertr lead management operating syste

Ignite 2023: what do we mean by transparency?

We were delighted to host a panel discussion with one of our fantastic customers, Intentsify, on: ‘Greater transparency means greater revenue: the key to a winning B2B marketing campaign’. Not only did we speak at the event, we were also lucky

It’s time to talk about transparency

The word 'transparency' is becoming a buzzword across the industry. We're seeing more and more conversations online around the transparency of data and compliance. Indeed transparency is a crucial part of the GDPR, but we believe it is required ac

5 ways to reduce costs with Convertr

It is no shock to CFOs that when the economy falters, responsibility to review and adjust budgets falls on them - and this time is no different. 2023 will present significant economic challenges, and we can expect to see CFOs from across the globe ad

Launching Bulk Edit: what it means for users

We're excited to announce the release of our new Bulk Edit feature. This feature will enable Admin, Agency, Call Centre and Publisher users to manage and correct data at mass, giving them greater control of the data uploaded. Prior to this rele

Campaign Publisher Update

A streamlined user experience and enhanced features are what you can expect from our updated Campaign Publisher section. The Campaign Publisher area in the platform is one of our most powerful tools for managing your campaign lead sources. It’s

New Fixed Cost Publisher Payment

Our new fixed-cost publisher payment setting makes it easy to manage more contract options. Many early Convertr customers were looking for a platform to simplify the demands of their CPL-based payments. As our customer base has grown, we've evolve

Search Bar Update

We've improved the header search functionality allowing more specificity when searching Campaigns, Advertisers, Publishers and Leads. Previously under the platform header section, the search bar was able to search across multiple areas of the plat

Advertiser Campaign Import

A big driver from the Convertr Product team is pinpointing the main bottlenecks for customers when navigating the platform, and how best to resolve any issues. After listening to customer feedback and looking at the data, we’re able to better un

Introduction of Dynamic Form Behaviour

As part of the Global Forms release, customers using Convertr web forms will see exciting new features to improve usability and provide new dynamic form content. The following release will impact customers using Convertr forms to capture web leads

Demand Generation: Defining a Qualified Lead

Clearing up the Misleading and Multi-faceted World of Leads To fully explain a qualified lead, let's first talk about leads in general. A lead is someone who has provided their contact information and expressed interest in your company or content.

Automating Processes, What’s it Worth?

Automation Nation: With Digital Marketing Experiencing A Revolution, Does Automating Your Lead Gen Process Make Cents? As a marketer working in the midst of a digital media revolution, with a plethora of solutions to automate everything from socia

MarTech ROI. Can You Measure It?

As a marketer, I see the value of marketing automation and our tech stack every day. But, I've struggled for years on how to best communicate the value and return to leadership. A quick google search for MarTech ROI shows I'm not alone, even thoug

Batch Delivery Status Improvements

We're making important changes to how the 'Batch Integration' job works and we're improving its representation throughout the platform. Batch integrations are one of the most used Convertr integrations for lead delivery. It allows publishers and a

Publisher User Dashboard Updates

Introducing our revamped dashboard for Publisher users. Pages and Menu Item Changes The majority of our streamlining efforts reside with the top navigation items. 'Data Sectors', 'Available Campaigns' and 'Top Referring Sites' have been completel

Campaign Leads Page Updates

We released the new 'Campaign Leads' section in September last year, and now we're unveiling a host of new features and improvements based on great feedback from our customer base. Table Hotkey Shortcuts Introducing 'Hotkey Shortcuts', a new way

Updated Agency Section

For those not familiar with this section of the Convertr platform, the Agency area is a way to assign advertisers into management groups. Think of them as teams within your organisation who are responsible for managing certain clients or channels.

New Campaign Leads Page

Building on the Global Leads page release in April, now we're bringing you the new Campaign Leads page. For us at Convertr, this is a massive step in terms of our ongoing migrations project, with the Campaign Leads page being one of the most frequen

Goodbye ‘Live Leads’, hello ‘Leads’

The 'Live Leads' page started life as a quick way to view inbound data on a global level, essentially a small dashboard for admins and campaign managers to see campaign activity at a glance. This area has seen small enhancements as the platform has

CDPs Promote Rock Hard Data Abs, But It Takes Work

Every couple of years, a hot, new trend bursts its way into the collective lexicon of the B2B marketer. In recent years, predictive marketing and ABM took center stage as marketers looked to hone in on the data that underpins just about everything th

New Advertiser Report User Type

Convertr now offers a new ‘Advertiser Report’ user type, designed to provide a simple view for your advertiser users. This user role will see a more streamlined view of their associated campaigns, which includes an option to export lead data f

Recommended White Paper Improvements

Our ‘recommended white papers’ feature has been updated within our white paper suite. The improved offering now provides your users with additional content pieces to engage with once an initial white paper asset has been downloaded. To utilise

Report Builder Scheduled Sending

Convertr’s report builder allows users to create customised reports, allowing in depth analysis of data entering and exiting the platform. Our new feature allows users to automatically scheduled reports which can be sent externally to either SFTP,

Connected Apps > Google Form Ads in YouTube

Our Connected App solution enables the Convertr platform to connect to 3rd party systems to receive or retrieve data. Platform users have utilised this functionality to retrieve data from leads ads and forms captured in LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

Exciting Changes to Campaigns

If you’ve logged into Convertr recently, you would have seen some pretty exciting changes to the Campaign section of the platform, with plenty more on the horizon. At the start of October we rolled out new widgets for the Campaign > Overview se

Data… The Problem Isn’t What You Think

A couple of months ago, I had a minor medical scare. On the day I was getting my brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I woke up with a throbbing pain in my lower calf. I hadn’t injured myself recently, so being the hard-headed person that I am, I wra

The Fall of Predictive Analytics…What Went Wrong

It wasn't long ago, four, perhaps, five years ago when the term "predictive analytics" was the most exciting thing in B2B martech. Coming in with the promise of leveraging a company's first-party data, combined with a "secret sauce" of third-party da

QA & Integration Drop-Down Improvements

QA and Integration job settings now have even more options to choose from when referencing a field. You can now send information within your integration as to when you initially processed the data, alongside the date, the status, and the correspondin

Value Transforms Update

Our new ‘Value Transform’ addition now lets you trigger a transformation from a blank value, meaning empty values can now have data assigned to it.  An example use case may occur if you have a non-mandatory field. However, you still need to app

Batch Integration Improvements

Our ‘Batch CSV Integration’ feature now allows you to send a cumulative file. On the integration, you will see a new setting called file_type with two options; default or cumulative. Selecting cumulative will generate a report that contains a

Marketo Connected App

Working in conjunction with our recent Marketo Partnership, we have launched our ‘Marketo Connected App’ feature, enabling you to create an integration to retrieve data from this 3rd party system. Find this feature under the ‘Connected Apps’

An Interview With Convertr Chairman Keith Wallington

Here at Convertr, we’re always looking to the future. Whether we’re anticipating new legislation, adding the features that our clients need most, or adapting our product to the shifting landscape of MarTech, we know the only way to improve is to

Convertr Dashboard V2

The Convertr team is very excited to announce our upcoming, phase 1 release of our v2 dashboard. Most Convertr clients will see the changes rolled out over the coming weeks. Why are we making these changes? As a product and tech team, we're constan

How To Use YouTube TrueView For Demand Generation

Digital video is taking over the marketing world. According to Animoto, 80 percent of millennials consider video content when making a purchase decision, and 60 percent prefer to watch videos rather than read a company newsletter. Brands are using Y

5 Demand Gen Goals To Boost Your Growth In 2019

Want to do better at demand generation? You need to set clear goals. According to Convince and Convert, setting clear goals gives you a staggering 429% greater chance of reporting success on your marketing campaigns. Setting goals that are realistic

Security And Compliance – GDPR and Brexit

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, designed to protect the online activity and personal information of individuals. GDPR is the first major overhaul of how businesses and public organizations handle th

Platform Walkthroughs

It is important to us at Convertr to offer the best service. With the mentality in mind, to improve the user experience and interaction of the platform, we have recently partnered with WalkMe to power in-platform walkthroughs and tutorials. As you m

Value Transformations v2

In our v1 rollout of our value transforms functionality, we enabled the user to automate the process of appending additional data to a lead. For example, if you were to capture the value for company size of '1 to 10' but the client only accepted '1

Enterprise to Enterprise v2

A couple of years ago we announced our first release of Enterprise to Enterprise functionality - a new way for our clients to deliver leads to other Convertr client systems. As many Publishers use Convertr to capture, format and manage their leads,

LinkedIn Connected App

Back in November last year, you may have noticed a new menu item in the main navigation of the Convertr platform. Our Connected Apps section received a promotion (previously being tucked away within a Campaign) after the Product team finalised an ex

Marketo Deduplication

As we continue to build out a unified end-to-end solution, enhancing our deduplication functionality through offerings like our Eloqua deduplication job, we have now deployed our Marketo counterpart. This new job enables the user to check if the lea

Convertr Joins the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a destination for sales and marketing leaders. It’s the one platform that business professionals consistently and meticulously keep updated with current information about the companies they work for, the roles they

Campaign API Endpoint

Cleanse, validate and verify data from your own internal system or ESP before sending to a CRM system or directly to a client. Here at Convertr we have a few ways of getting data into the Convertr system in a secure and automated fashion, with our P

Whitepaper Groups Tag

Give your users complete customisation in white paper grouping by adding tags your white paper asset. Previously, our out-the-box white paper solution gave users the option to group their white papers by advertiser name and by parent & subcatego

‘Always Deliver’ Integration Jobs

With our ever growing list of integrations into ESP’s, we know the importance of keeping your data up to date in correlation with Convertr. Based on great feedback from our partners, we have created an option to ‘always deliver’ integration jo

‘Remember Me’ Form Type

We’ve improved our form experience by reducing the amount of interaction required for our users. Introducing our ‘Remember Me’ form type. The example below shows the usual form fields for a white paper landing page, however, there is an additi

The 3 Keys For Confidence in Lead Generation

Here’s a question: What do we really want from our lead generation process? Ask any marketer what they want from their lead generation, and you know they’ll have an answer at the ready: better lead quality, scalability, a more targeted approach

Lead Caps on Variable Payout Bands

One of our most popular releases from our 2017 roadmap introduced Variable Payout Bands, allowing users to set different payout rates for the different call-to-actions found on our forms. Following a successful and well adopted initial release, we

White Paper Carousel

Here at Convertr we take a lot of pride in our White Paper offering. We are always looking at ways to refine and improve it. With this in mind we’ve recently released an enhancement, allowing users to display white paper assets using a carousel ga

Processr Job Groups

Having the ability to add conditions to jobs that run on incoming lead data had been on the wishlist of many for some time. The first step towards this is our recent Processr Job Groups roadmap feature, giving users the option to conditionally run a

Evolution of Convertr Tracking

Convertr's tracking system has always been core to our platform, and traditionally an out the box feature. As such, it's been heavily tied to the campaign creation and publisher management sections since day one. It gives campaign managers insight i

The Web Summit 2017 Review: Our Top 3 Takeaways

The Convertr team were in Lisbon, Portugal last week joining 60,000 people for the annual Web Summit event. With 100’s of talks and side events, our heads are bursting with new ideas – so we wanted to share our top 3 takeaways from the largest te

The Digital Marketing Forum

A few weeks ago, Convertr attended an exclusive marketing event that challenges the typical industry norms of conferences and networking. The Digital Marketing Forum by Richmond Events, held at the prestigious Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire, saw 140 s

Delivering Account Based Marketing with Love

The parallels between romance and sales are well known, but with game-changing technologies available, isn't it time we took that to the next level? As a sales person, wooing a sales prospect is a 365-day a year romance, where getting to know your i

Meet Alice, our Technical Account Manager

Hello world! My name is Alice and I’m a Technical Account Manager here at Convertr. My role includes; managing our customer support system, helping clients with queries about the platform, investigating technical issues and working with the Develo

Convertr Announces £3 Million Series A Funding Success

In order to drive our next stage of expansion, growing our client base and broaching new global markets, we have been seeking outside investment. As a result we are pleased to announce that our company has managed to secure £3M in Series A funding f

Lead Generation: Less Can Actually Be More

Content marketers today are faced with a wide range of conundrums in trying to drive engagement. Quite rightly a lot of time is spent agonising over the range and quality of the content being produced, the format of the content and it's place in help

Why Time Literally Is Money for Lead Generation

You would think that in a $30 billion industry that had matured well over a decade, that by now you would see the majority of businesses running the basics like a well-oiled machine. Particularly when this industry has a vast array of research, co

Convertr Award for Product Innovation

Convertr has been officially recognised for their product innovation with a 'Highly Commended Award' at the PMA's 2016. Convertr launched a brand new product set aimed at the B2B performance marketer in 2015, which enabled marketers engaged in lead

Convertr Shortlisted For Best Marketing Platform

We're delighted to announce that Convertr has been shortlisted for the best marketing platform at the UK Cloud Awards 2016. This is the second time in the space of a month that Convertr have been shortlisted for a marketing technology award and once

Why Don’t Marketers Put Data Quality First?

According to Experian, 91% of organisations have had problems with their contact data and 88% believe contact data errors affect their bottom line. They're pretty big stats and there's plenty more research out that backs up these figures. So the fir

Convertr Shortlisted for Platform Innovation Award!

Convertr is proud to have been shortlisted for the Platform Innovation Award at the 2016 Performance Marketing Awards, which take place on 26th April in London. The award shortlisting is in recognition of Convertr's innovative work in developing and

5 Steps That Guarantee Better Quality Leads

For most performance marketers, lead generation is a vital part of the marketing mix but many don’t realise the amount of spend being wasted on poor quality leads. Many marketers are buying leads on CPL metrics giving them comfort that they're bud

Convertr Win at the Performance Marketing Awards

Convertr are delighted to announce that they scooped up an accolade last night at the highly coveted Performance Marketing Awards, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London. Joined by over 800 advertisers, publishers, agencies, networks a

Convertr Announced as Finalist in Dadi Awards

Hopefully Convertr's winning streak will be set to continue after the announcement that we are finalists in the Use of Email category at the Dadi Awards 2014. A full list of the nominations can be seen at the Dadi Awards site - The

Convertr Appoint Strategic Data Protection Officer

Technology Company Convertr are getting ahead of the game with the appointment of a strategic Data Protection Officer (DPO) partner, Data Compliant. The move to appoint a DPO enables Convertr to maintain their industry leading reputation and advance

Three Must Haves for Lead Generation

In principle lead generation is a straightforward process that goes like this - find out who's interested in your products and/or services, collect their details, and close the deal. In practise, of course, things can get more complicated.  Each of

Best Practices for Your Lead Generation Campaign

Marketers nowadays are familiar with the concept of a 'return-on-investment', and indeed many are tortured by the phrase - beaten about the head with it by their superiors, even as they try to get to grips with how to measure it accurately in the fir

The Power of Rapid Delivery from Start to Finish

If you follow us on Twitter then you might have spotted a (slightly boastful) tweet of ours. We've been working hard on a major campaign for an automotive manufacturer over the last few weeks.  Central to the whole strategy has been speed of respon

The Trouble With Co-Registration in Lead Generation

From a young age we're taught to share. By the time we reach adulthood it is, for most of us, a concept we're comfortable with and embrace - sharing platters, flat shares, Facebook shares and Slideshares. At Convertr we're all about sharing

What Can Lead Generation Do For You?

We're in a lucky position, here at Convertr.  Lead generation is a product that almost every business needs, or could do with more of.   We're also in a challenging position at times, in that many businesses haven't heard of lead generation, or at

Virtual Test Drives, Taking A Step Further

Nissan have recently put out an interesting twist on the virtual test drive to showcase the forthcoming new model Note. Things start normally enough, but quickly take a turn for the dramatic as a runaway bride / groom hijacks your peaceful test driv

Not Spying But Targeting, Appropriate Advertising?

Score one for common sense: MPs have today acknowledged what many of us in advertising have been saying for some time - that ad targeting is not the same as infringing privacy. It's refreshing to see that an all-party committee of MPs has dismissed

Sharing? Co-registration In Lead Generation

From a young age we're taught to share. By the time we reach adulthood it is, for most of us, a concept we're comfortable with and embrace - sharing platters, flat shares, Facebook shares and Slideshares. At Convertr we're all about sharing too...m

The UK Automotive Industry Is Booming

The good times are rolling for the UK automotive sector as new car sales continue to increase year on year. According to The Guardian: "More than 162,000 new cars were registered in July 2013 – a 12.7% rise on the July 2012 figure".   Extra

Working in Sales, Warming Up Cold Calls

Ever worked in sales?  If so, then the chances are that the phrase "cold-calling" sends a bit of a shiver down your spine. Picking up the phone and calling a perfect stranger can be discomforting at the best of times.  If you're picking up the pho

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