Martechopia 2023: Automation and empowering your people

By Convertr - April 12, 2023

Optimise your people, processes and platforms to drive marketing performance.

This was the description of what to expect from this years’ Martechopia event. The event shed light on why MarTech is about more than just investing in the latest marketing technology, it is about assembling your people and processes to extract maximum performance from the technology.

The event which took place on Wednesday 29th March at London’s etc.venues, was designed with more than just MarTech in mind. Split into four content streams, it promised to equip attendees with the tools and intelligence needed to optimise their campaigns, drive value from their martech stack, and plan their next steps.

At Convertr, we are passionate about the digital transformation and automation of lead management, and we knew that Martechopia was the perfect platform for us to showcase what it is that we do, and why a platform like Convertr is an integral part of any marketing technology stack. Convertr was not only one of the sponsors of the event, but we also had a speaker slot on the day. In the first half of the day, we heard from people across the industry who covered a number of current topics such as AI, automation, TikTok and Account Based Marketing.

Our Head of Customer Success, Hilton Young led a panel discussion with Twogether’s John Breedon, DataOps & Performance Director, on ‘The power of automation: unlocking the potential of your people’. The discussion began with Hilton highlighting the importance of simplifying your workflows as ‘this allows users to focus on higher value thinking, without having to worry about the technology.’

The panel also shared the importance of the ability to save time spent on manual tasks, John Breedon added, ‘This is where automation can be really powerful, as an agency, we track our time and it is ultimately the service we sell. On one campaign, we had multiple teams working on it, and through automation, we were able to save over 100 hours, improve efficiency and remove some of the human error that comes with manual processes.’

John reiterated his point, ‘We need to view technology as something that compliments your teams, it’s not just about investing in something that will replace them’ and this is something that rings especially true within the lead generation space. We know that time spent manually processing leads can be the difference between a potential sale or a missed opportunity, but through automation, businesses can significantly improve the likelihood of a conversion. This is where automation can be a powerful solution.

Hilton posed the question around how to sell these technologies into your C-suite, to which John emphasised the ability to ‘Showcase the campaign results and data, not just how much time is being saved. For one specific campaign, we were able to improve conversion rates from 8% to 26% by harnessing the power of automation.’

But when it comes to looking at how automation can truly transform your business, it is important to note that there may be reluctancy or resistance to change from people within the organisation – and this is to be expected. John Breedon’s advice is to ‘invest in the right people, it’s not just about knowing what a system can do, it’s about applying that knowledge and making it work for your team.’

Thank you to Hilton Young and John Breedon for your fantastic insights, and thank you to Martechopia for giving us the platform to host this important discussion around the power of automation.

To find out more about what we do at Convertr, or to speak to one of the team, please contact us here.

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