Working in Sales, Warming Up Cold Calls

By Convertr - May 24, 2014

Ever worked in sales?  If so, then the chances are that the phrase “cold-calling” sends a bit of a shiver down your spine.

Picking up the phone and calling a perfect stranger can be discomforting at the best of times.  If you’re picking up the phone and selling to that perfect stranger then you also have to factor in the very real prospect of being told politely (or not so politely) to go away. It takes confidence and a thick skin to get back on the cold-calling horse when it’s a horse so predisposed to chucking you off at a moment’s notice. 

Cold calling is necessary though, right?  Without outbound sales operating on a virtually 24/7 cycle, how else would your business make money?  Thinking about a sales funnel for a moment (as we are inclined to do), cold calling is the widest point, furthest away from the actual transaction.  It’s a way to pull customers towards your business and offer them your pitch.

The challenge is that it’s a very draining, labour intensive and often inefficient way to achieve that goal.  Aside from the hurdles that each sales person confronts when cold-calling (flagging motivation, challenging customers, a sense of fear) there are broader issues too – very low success ratios and high overhead costs, for example.  That’s not a great combination.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, of course. Convertr’s technology delivers a pipeline of prospective customers in the same way that a cold-calling effort would do. But we’ve got the edge on phone-bashing in a few key areas:

We Deliver Leads Hot

Cold-calling can be ice-cold.  Convertr’s technology pulls together a whole array of lead sources, captures explicit and expressed interest in your product or service, and only delivers those leads to you.  That means that your sales team will spend its time contacting customers who have already expressed interest in what you do – no more icy-cold cold-calls, and one step closer to converting into a sale.

Our Solution is Cost-Effective

Convertr is a performance marketing technology.  That means you only pay for results.  Our preferred metric is cost-per-lead.  If you don’t get any leads, you don’t pay anything.  It’s not marketing budget, it’s sales investment. 

Our Process is Super Efficient

Because our technology is built using the most advanced tools available, we’re able to create genuine efficiency in the inbound marketing funnel.  We integrate directly with your CRM or database, funnelling qualified leads straight into it for rapid turnaround times.  Campaign setup is automated, as is optimisation and billing.  Sign up, turn the campaign on, and start selling.

We Give You Some Extra Perks

Our platform is full of helpful tools.  We pull in data from hundreds of APIs to build a rounded profile of each lead.  Want to credit check your leads?  We can do that automatically and in real time.  Want to target specific geography, behaviour or demographic?  We can do that too.  It’s all as easy as a few clicks. 

What is a lead management operating system?

Lead management has been defined as the process of identifying and nurturing potential customers all the way through to conversion, all of which is underpinned by technology that automates this process. The Convertr lead management operating syste

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