Launching Bulk Edit: what it means for users

By Adam Carter - June 20, 2022

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Bulk Edit feature.

This feature will enable Admin, Agency, Call Centre and Publisher users to manage and correct data at mass, giving them greater control of the data uploaded.

Prior to this release, there were certain limitations, particularly for Publisher users, if they needed to update incorrect records. To help overcome this, we wanted to build a feature that would prevent Publishers from re-submitting the same file. After customer workshops and feedback from our Customer Success team, we began looking at how we could improve and streamline this process.

So, what can we expect from Bulk Edit? One of the main elements of this functionality is to reduce duplication in the platform which in hand will reduce the need to delete lead records to clean up after the fact, whilst ensuring that efficiency and accuracy are not compromised. Adding this feature to the platform will simplify and unify the process of correcting invalid data and free up time and resources.

The new functionality means that users can bulk edit their data, as displayed below:

Admin & Agency User View

Publisher User View

Call Center User View

All Users View

Some of the main benefits for both existing and new customers include:

Increased efficiency
Bulk Edit puts the emphasis on allowing Publisher users to manage their own data while also helping Admin and Agency users to manage data en masse. reducing the number of steps taken, which in turn, allows them to focus on higher priority, value-add tasks.

Enhanced control
The new feature provides publisher users with more control over managing their own data and reducing duplication in the platform.

Greater velocity
The removal of duplication and increased efficiency will enable more control to users to maintain a higher level of accuracy when managing their data.

Following the feedback we gathered from our customer base, we developed this feature with the key aim of empowering our publisher users and focusing on saving our admin and agency users time which was spent on managing incorrect data.

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