Ignite 2023: what do we mean by transparency?

By Convertr - July 11, 2023

We were delighted to host a panel discussion with one of our fantastic customers, Intentsify, on: ‘Greater transparency means greater revenue: the key to a winning B2B marketing campaign’.

Not only did we speak at the event, we were also lucky enough to be one of this year’s sponsors. The event took place on 29 – 30th June at London’s Westminster Park Plaza hotel, brought together industry experts, thought leaders, and B2B marketers, to learn from big-picture debates and hands-on, small group sessions that will give you the fresh, creative thinking and practical knowledge to drive greater results across every element of your marketing strategy.

Over the course of the two days, the event was divided into five content tracks and a keynote stage, with the aim of giving attendees the knowledge and tools required to optimise their marketing resources and get the very best out of their budgets.

We heard from a huge range of speakers, all of whom helped to facilitate insightful conversations and debate around some of the industry’s biggest trends including AI, buying habits, building brand experiences, social media and ROI.

Convertr champions increasing transparency and visibility across the demand generation space, and we are uniquely positioned to not only help advocate for this, but also to shed light on what the current landscape looks like – and where improvements can and should be made. We knew that we wanted to centre our panel discussion around this topic, but with a specific focus on how greater transparency can help marketers to run successful B2B campaigns.

Our Head of Customer Success, Hilton Young led the session with Intentsify’s Chief Revenue Officer, Ajay Subherwal, which began with explaining why we should be talking about transparency, and what the risks associated with it are. Ajay pointed out ‘the obvious risk of compliance, and secondly, a lack of visibility into your sales and marketing investments.’ He went on to add that:

“Many organisations deploy multiple marketing channels, but do not have visibility into how those channels are performing, as they are usually activated in silo.”

The panel then shifted towards the importance of transparency in lead generation, Hilton asked Ajay ‘why should people care about increasing transparency and how can this be achieved?’

The key takeaway here was that there isn’t just one area to focus on, there are three core components, which Ajay listed to be ‘sourcing of data, actioning data and reporting on the data’. Ajay expanded on this, ‘it’s about understanding how and where your suppliers are collecting data, then it’s about activation, is it via their own technology or a third party? And finally with reporting, how are your marketing investments performing, what insights are you getting back and how can you make improvements?’

Interestingly, the conversation then moved on to how Intentsify use technology to ensure leads are being generated and delivered to customers in a transparent and compliant way, and Ajay’s response was ‘technology alone is not enough, it requires a combination of people, process and technology’.

The session concluded with a question from Hilton around why customers should care about transparency? Ajay’s response was:

“Transparency is the hallmark of ethical marketing, and customers will always take notice of this, implementing transparent practices into your business strategy will help to build trust – and this is essential for strengthening brand loyalty and maximising ROI.”

Thank you to Hilton Young and Ajay Subherwal for your fantastic insights, and thank you to B2B Marketing for giving us the platform to host this important discussion around the importance of transparency and how technology can help in achieving this.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you deliver better ROI and increase efficiency, get in touch with a member of the team today!

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