Content Syndication Isn’t Dead, But Your Data Processes Might Be

Low productivity, poor data quality and slow lead flow are key indicators that manual data processes in spreadsheets are harming your growth.

It’s a New (Lead) Generation

Like email, bank tellers and gas-powered cars, Content Syndication has been facing the rumor that it was soon to be no more – phased out by newer and better technology...a memory that you would relay to your kids as you told them about landlines and telephone books.

Luckily, the tech rumor mill was wrong on this one, as Content Syndication is as vital as ever to implementing a successful marketing strategy. However, if you are using spreadsheets like Excel to process your lead generation lists, you may be unwittingly accepting bad leads, wasting budget, resources, and effort.

What you will learn:

  • The purpose and objectives of Content Syndication for Lead Generation, and how it fits into the marketing world today.
  • How manually processing leads can negatively impact the overall growth, market share and revenue of your company.
  • Why automating your Content Syndication data process can save a significant amount of resources, time and money.

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