Convertr & LinkedIn Integration for Lead Generation Forms

The Convertr integration with LinkedIn Lead Generation forms allows you to connect campaigns and sync leads captured on LinkedIn into your Convertr platform.

Connect Your Convertr Instance To Linkedin

Connecting A LinkedIn Account To Convertr

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1. A LinkedIn ads account in LinkedIn Campaign
2. One of the following user types on the LinkedIn Company Page
• Page Administrator
• Lead Gen Forms Manager
3. One of the following user types in LinkedIn Campaign Manager
• Account Manager
• Campaign Manager
4. Media budget and a live ad campaign


Within your platform, navigate to 'Connected Apps > Linkedin' in the left sidebar.

LinkedIn Connected App

Click the 'Add Connection' button.


Sign in with your LinkedIn credentials to connect your account to your Convertr platform.


The 'Accounts' table will show your newly added account, including the account API Token, the date the token was created, the last date it was updated and the date it is due to expire. To continue, click the 'View button' to go to your account.


You are now ready to create a connection to an existing LinkedIn campaign.

Create a Connection


Create your form in LinkedIn
Create your campaign in Convertr
Create a form within your Convertr campaign
Assign a publisher to your Convertr campaign for clear lead attribution


In your account, click 'Connections' in the subnavigation.


Click 'Add Connection' to begin the connection setup process.


Complete all fields to setup your connection.

Sponsored Account – The account you would like to connect within LinkedIn.
Linkedin Form – The form you are using on LinkedIn to capture the lead data.
Campaign – The associated campaign within Convertr.
Publisher – The associated publisher leads will be attributed to within the Convertr campaign.
Form – The form you are using within your connected Convertr campaign.
Link ID – The link you are using within your connected Convertr campaign.


Click 'Save' to connect your LinkedIn campaign to a Convertr campaign.


Test the integration by submitting a test lead before going live.

Within the LinkedIn campaign ad management screen, select the '...' button on the right, then select to 'preview' the ad. Within the preview module, submit a test lead and you should see the submitted information within the Convertr platform shortly.

Note: If you need to do multiple tests, you will need to delete the original test lead, flag it as a 'test' lead or use a different email address.

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