Five Steps for Demand Generation Success

Knowing where to start on the journey of digitally transforming lead management processes and knowing the pitfalls to avoid is crucial.

The Automation Revolution

Sales and lead generation is going through a revolution. Brands and agencies can no longer wait days, weeks or months for leads to arrive if they are to remain competitive. At the same time, lead quality has gone from a promotable feature to table stakes, for enterprises that are looking to maximise the ROI of lead generation campaigns.

Yet, the reality is that sales and marketing teams are struggling to keep up. According to Gartner, only 44% of MQLs pass through sales as a potentially good fit, while the average B2B business takes up to 42 hours to respond to a lead. And at the heart of the problem, are slow and inefficient manual lead generation processes.

If businesses are to boost profits, propel the speed of lead flow, free-up precious resources and build foundations for long-term success, then they must change the systems and processes they use for lead management.

In this report, we provide our steps towards achieving digital transformation in your lead management operations. These five steps to success will help you unlock the full potential of your lead management process and ensure sales pipelines are kept full of quality leads.

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