The Convertr Ecosystem

Transforming B2B Lead Generation

A Meeting Place, Not a Marketplace

The demand generation landscape has experienced a monumental shift over the past few years, with the pandemic transforming how B2B businesses engage and interact with potential customers. A changing buyer landscape, adoption of digital, and a shift in buyer behaviours meant that businesses had to be reactive in their approach.

Convertr Ecosystem Whitepaper

However, the way in which leads are generated and purchased is changing. Previously, some businesses have relied upon a marketplace to source leads, using methods such as content syndication and telemarketing - but this model has become outdated, and often comes with significant challenges. Concerns around the quality and integrity of leads, transparency into where they originate from, combined with marketplaces obscuring their margins on CPLs, has created the need for a fairer solution.

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  • What the Convertr Ecosystem is
  • Why it is valuable to the industry
  • The challenges it helps businesses across the supply chain overcome
  • Why it is an essential part of digital growth.

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